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Ida Platano, one of the most beloved ladies of the Throne of Men and Women, would always be sick and go to the hospital. Here are the photos that would suggest that the Sicilian hairdresser could have health problems.

On Monday October 31 and Tuesday November 1, due to the All Saints holidays, the schedules of all television channels will undergo significant changes. For this reason, even Men and Women, in addition to other programs such as Amici 22 day, will not be broadcast. The second half of U&D’s recordings will air on Wednesday.

Men and women, one of the most followed ladies of the throne is Ida Platano (photo © Mediaset).

There will definitely be a lot of anticipation to see the new episodes. On Friday, October 28, the audience broke records, with more than 27.5% and 2,661,000 spectators. This undoubtedly means that the developments concerning the love affairs of Ida Platano make a significant part of the Italian public feel involved.

Was Ida Platano still in the hospital? What’s going on

Already during the episode broadcast on October 28, fans of Men and Women immediately noticed a rather strange detail. Ida Platano had asked at one time to be able to leave because she was not feeling well. This time she wasn’t in tears from an argument, but she seemed to feel some physical discomfort.

Men and Women, the usual daily meeting will not be broadcast on October 31 and November 1 (source: Instagram).

Shortly after, when the Sicilian returned to the Canale 5 studio, she had changed her pants to jeans torn at the knees. This is very strange because usually those who participate in a TV show are explicitly asked to wear smart clothes and avoid ragged clothes. Ida had also taken off her jacket.

What happened to the lady of Men and Women this time?

Even on her Instagram account, the hairdresser explained that she was not feeling very well, but after a few days she was smiling again as usual. On October 29, quite unexpectedly, Ida Platano shared a video inside a hospital. The short shot shows what appears to be an almost deserted waiting room.

It is not known if the Sicilian lady was ill again. When it happened a while ago, however, he immediately told his fans what happened. This time, however, immediately after the hospital visit, it would seem that she returned to work in her hairdressing salon in Bagnolo Mella, near Brescia.

Here’s a frame that Ida Platano shared from the hospital: Ida Platano, the protagonist of Men and Women, was back in the hospital (photo Instagram).

Below, instead, we see Ida Platano who, during the October 28 episode of Men and Women, gets emotional over a joke from Tina Cipollari:

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