Is ‘Community’ Season 7 On The Cards?



Are you like us, missing the lovable sitcom Community? Well then, we’re here to tell you if Community Season 7 is in the works. In the show, the backdrop is that of a fictional Colorado community college named Greendale which serves as the setting for a group of friends and classmates who get into hilarious situations.

These people include social activist Britta Perry, former Columbia University football player Troy Barnes, and religious single mother Shirley Bennett. In addition a pop culture-obsessed Abed Nadir, former high school football star Jeff Winger, naive overachiever Annie Edison, and bigoted elderly millionaire Pierce Hawthorne.

An unlikely group of misfits that get together and learn some valuable life lessons over the years, and made us love the friendly dynamics and hijinks that happen. Now let’s explore if Community season 7 is in the works.

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Community Season 7 Release Date Speculation

Community season 7 seems unlikely, mainly because of the unavailability of the cast and crew for that amount of period. However, a movie is in the works, which might show the future of all the community college students.

Moreover, till now it has faced a cancellation, a revival, and then another cancellation! All this has made it pretty difficult for the show to come up with another season. Joel McHale, the producer, stated that although the network wanted to continue after Community season 6, producing season 7 would have been too costly.

The contracts for the actors needed to be renegotiated because they had expired. According to an outlet, he stated, “All the actors on the show, almost without exception – their stock has risen significantly, and it’s out of the pay rate that is affordable to make the show.”

However, a Community movie still has a way of being made, with supporters of that alternative even creating a hashtag campaign, #sixseasonsandamovie, which was inspired by a Community episode. So, the audience should keep their hopes up yet for a movie in production, if the stars align.

What To Expect From Community Season 7?

Community has given its fans many great episodes, including a chase through a fort made of pillows and blankets that filled the school hallways in one episode, and in the next, there would be an incredible paintball battle (one of many depicted in the series).

A stop-motion animated Christmas episode was shown, along with an alternate reality named The Darkest Timeline and the Dreamatorium—an empty room designated for role-playing. This really was the charm of the series and a reason why it was able to survive during the time of hit shows. 

When the show ended, the six characters had different journeys altogether. Britta was still employed as a bartender, and Jeff had already made a name for himself as a teacher at the community college.

However, Annie had secured a position as an intern at the FBI, and Abed was leaving to take a production assistant job on a sitcom. This would make it difficult for the group to get back together, but not impossible. Whichever direction the new season would’ve taken, it would be worth following after.

Community Season 7 Cast & Characters

The cast of the show would’ve included everyone’s lead characters! Without them, the show would’ve been incomplete. Joel McHale, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Chevy Chase are the main characters who could’ve made a return.

In addition, we could’ve watched Ken Jeong, John Oliver, Jonathan Banks, and Michael K. Williams as the supporting cast. Moreover, there would also be a new cast and characters as the show moves forward with the timelines.


While the hit show Community season 7 has no signs of being renewed for another season, there is definitely news for a movie in the works. The audience can hope to see their favorite characters in that. What are your thoughts on the ending of the show? Feel free to let us know through the comment box!

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