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Is Bruce Willis the new Nicolas Cage? Discover the B PRODUCTIONS edited by the star only in 2021



Bad choice, age, being a difficult person to work with? Yes, all of these things can take a star’s career away from its Hollywood glamor and prestige. Another which can come into play is the financial debts which lead the actors to accept any type of work to resolve them. This is the case with Nicolas Cage, as many claim. Winner of the Oscar for Best Actor in 1996, for Farewell in Las Vegas, and holder of a second nomination (Adaptation, 2002), Cage was once Hollywood’s biggest star in the late 90s. on the right, most of them coming straight into the video market, at least here in Brazil.

Now, on the same boat as Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew is veteran Bruce Willis. Growing up in the 1980s, you might remember the Moonlighting show, which ran from 1985 to 1989 and starred Willis alongside Cybill Shepherd as a rather dysfunctional private investigator duo. It is thanks to this series that the doors of Hollywood opened for the actor and while the series was still on the air, Willis was going to make his big leap in his career: Duro de Matar (1988). Coming from a comedy program, many were surprised to see the actor as a hero in an action film. But it worked pretty well, as we know, and the rest is history. Since that time however, it has been reported that Willis and Shepherd’s relationship behind the scenes has not been the best. As stated, the actress did not like the protagonist. Bad tongues spoke of jealousy because the actor’s career was taking off. But they could already be signs of Willis’ difficult behavior.

Bruce Willis has never been nominated for an Oscar, but he has had exceptional roles that demonstrate his dramatic reach, such as in Pulp Fiction (1994), by Quentin Tarantino, and The Sixth Sense (1999), by M. Night Shyamalan. . Other than that, of course, he lived to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars in the 1990s, especially in the acting arena, alongside legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. . Lately, however, reports that Willis wasn’t such a nice guy behind the scenes have constantly surfaced. To return in the third The Expendables, Willis demanded an astronomical sum for a few days of work, which led the creator of the brand and then friend Stallone to publicly show his dissatisfaction with such behavior on social media. That was in 2014. Two years later, in 2016, Willis was hired and started running Woody Allen’s Café Society, but who knows why he was hastily replaced by Steve Carell. Going back a little further in the past, Willis publicly revealed his bad experience filming Armageddon (1998) with Michael Bay, claiming he never wanted to work with the filmmaker again.

All of this may have contributed to Bruce Willis seeing the gates of Hollywood near him; for nearly ten years without releasing famous theatrical productions – save for two: the remake of Desire to Kill in 2018 and Glass in 2019. In general, since 2014, most of the films starring Bruce Willis are genre works by cinema B, the launch of which goes directly to the video market, today VOD.

As a tribute to this star, in whom we still have a lot of faith, we will comment on five of his films released only in 2021, from this point on, say, in automatic – which has been running since 2011 (a total of over 20 films) . This year alone, Willis has already released five feature films and has four more in the final two months of 2021. Check it out below and let us know if you’ve seen any.

Enjoy watching:

Released in March in the US, one glance at the trailer for this sci-fi adventure is enough for us to notice Bruce Willis’ selfless performance in the film – like he doesn’t want to be there, doesn’t thinking of his bulky paycheck at the end of the day. In a Star Trek spirit, the fiction is set in the year 2524 and shows Willis in the shoes of a retired general, enjoying his rest in bars, when he is recruited to return to duty. It turns out that only he can help fight an alien race that is starting to show itself as a great threat to humans. Current B-action movie star Frank Grillo teams up with Willis, including scoring the best credits over the veteran. The original title is Cosmic Sin, or “Cosmic Sin” and already brings a ready-made joke with the movie.

Now we have a thriller on the list. Who plays here is the hot star of the past Megan Fox and maybe it was this movie that got her room in The Expendables, a movie she is currently recording. Released in June this year, the thriller features Fox and Bruce Willis as FBI partners investigating kidnappings of young women, apparently committed by a truck driver. The story is said to be based on actual crimes known as “Stop Truck Killer” or “Truck Killer”. Willis apparently only has a supporting role in the film, and to zero-person surprise, he recorded all of his scenes in one day. One glance at the trailer is enough to realize that all of the film’s veteran’s dialogue consists of cliché-like phrases.

Released within a month of the above article, this action-suspense feature film doesn’t even have a title in Portuguese, but the literal translation would be something absurd like “death is over”. The star is the blonde Jamie King, friend of Bruce Willis in the films Sin City, of Robert Rodriguez. In the plot, King is a young woman who becomes a witness to police violence, when an agent shoots and kills a drug dealer with whom she had agreements. The witness not only witnessed the crime, but also took photos of becoming the target of this corrupt department in a rural neighborhood. Willis, who plays a retired police officer resting in his niece’s lakeside house, ends up being the protagonist’s only chance for survival. And once again, Bruce Willis recorded his entire participation in this feature film in one day.

Such is Willis’ laziness that they also used the same photo of him from Switchgrass in this poster.

Another extremely generic action thriller that could star Nicolas Cage, or worse yet, Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren or Steven Seagal. Written by American Youtuber Ross Peacock, the film stars Bruce Willis just to give the poster a gimmick and bring audiences to the film. The real protagonists are Chad Michael Murray (from the teenage series One Three Hill and the horror The House of Wax) and the unknown Australian Swen Temmel. In the plot, Willis and Temmel are partner cops aiming to stop a gang of thugs. Willis is injured and goes through the entire film kidnapped by criminals, while Temmel seeks refuge on a nearby farm. The site is owned by Murray, who lives a traumatized veteran. Now, in the mood for Assault on the 13th PD, or perhaps Home Alone, the duo must protect themselves at the scene of the attack from the same gang that seeks to kill them.

Ending our article with the questionable productions Bruce Willis released in 2021, we have yet another science fiction, this one which premieres this weekend in the USA. As we can see, at this point in his career, Bruce Willis has bet on “easy jobs” which may not be up to the level of the talent he once displayed. Basically, most of these films have a script, say, retreaded, which “borrows” from several other more well-known works. Here we have the old story “A Most Dangerous Game”, a short story by Richard Connell, published in 1924, and reimagined several times in pop culture. In cinema, referencing the 1932 classic Zaroff – O Hunter of Life, and continuing into the 1980s and 1990s, with action films such as O Sobrevivente and O Alvo. You can already imagine, Willis plays a guy playing a very dangerous game where he is sadistic manhunt. The “balcony” here is that the film takes place this time in the future.

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