‘Invocation of Evil 3’: Michael Chaves talks about starting the film with a great exorcism



CinePOP was invited by Warner Bros. to watch the first eleven minutes of the horror “Invocation of Evil: The Order of the Demon” and chat with director Michael Chaves (“The Curse of the Crypt”).

At the event, Chaves spoke about the difficult mission to replace James Wan and the difference between this movie and the others.

‘Invocation of Evil: The Order of the Demon’ will take the Warrens to a place they’ve never been before, in a direction we’ve never seen. This franchise is a love letter to horror films and terrestrial cinema. You watch the first movie and you can see it was made with a lot of love, ”he said.

After showing off the opening scene, which features several Easter Eggs from “ O Exorcista, ” Chaves revealed:

“The opening scene was without a doubt a shameless reference to ‘The Exorcist’. You know, it’s funny because I was about to cut those parts. I thought, “You know what, that’s too much”. People will think, “You shamelessly steal the best movie of all time.” But I kept it, and I was glad I did because when we started showing it people loved being able to see those references and make those connections.

The director also declares that he wants to play with metalanguage and reverse the acts of the third film.

“We’ve seen the Warrens go on these adventures before and are expected to face the demon. They will exorcise this demon until the end of the movie. And from the start, we’ve been like, “let’s just turn this idea upside down”. Let’s start with that. Start with what you think the movie will end with, and then everything goes horribly wrong. The Warrens are expected to be the good guys and always to be successful. And they always save the day. The start of the movie makes it seem like that’s not always the case, and life isn’t like that. And what happens when they make mistakes? What happens when everything goes wrong? And that’s how we’re going to start the movie. “


Below we describe the chilling opening of terror. If you want to escape SPOILERS, don’t continue!

The first 11 minutes begin with demonologists Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) in a dark house. We see that they are desperate about the situation in a way we have never seen them before.

It is the exorcism of David Glatzel (Julian Hilliard), which the Warrens really helped in 1981. On stage, the Warrens are with the Glatzel family and Arne Johnson (Ruairi O’Connor), the boyfriend of Debbie, the sister of David. Ed and Lorraine are exhausted and say “they don’t remember anything so horrible”.

Enjoy watching:

Fortunately, the exorcism was approved by the Catholic Church, which sent help. A taxi pulls up and a priest arrives, making a clear allusion to the scene from the classic “The Exorcist”. It is Father Gordon (Steve Coulter), who has come to help the exorcism which apparently does not work.

Arne takes David to bed as they prepare for the exorcism. David wakes up with noises at his bedroom door, and runs to the bathroom to hide in the tub. A demonic hand pulls the curtain on the tub and blood begins to flow from the shower, leaving David panicked.

David resurrects the possessed and attacks his father with a knife. Ed manages to drive David away and Father Gordon suggests taking him to church to perform the exorcism. However, it is clear that the exorcism must take place on the spot.

Ed places David on the dining room table and Lorraine begins to pray for him. We see various objects and debris flying, which end up knocking out Father Gordon – who passes out. After Ed is attacked by the demon, Arne Johnson asks the demon to take him in place of little David.

At this point, the demon seems to come out of David’s body, but something horrible and frightening is happening to one of our protagonists.

It should be remembered that David is lived by the great Julian Hilliard, who had already appeared in “The Curse of the Hill Residence”. The child actor puts on an acting show and manages to deliver a truly terrifying performance.

“Invocation of Evil: The Order of the Demon” opens June 3 in national theaters.

Watch the trailer:

Michael Chaves (“The Curse of Chorona”) takes the helm.

“Invocation of Evil 3: The Order of the Demon” reveals a chilling tale of terror, murder, and unknown evil that has shocked even experienced investigators of paranormal activity Ed and Lorraine Warren. One of the most sensational cases on his records, begins with a fight for the soul of a boy, then takes them beyond anything they had ever seen before, to mark the first time in the US history that a murder suspect claims. had demonic possession as a defense.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga play Ed and Lorraine Warren respectively. The cast also includes Ruairi O’Connor, Sarah Catherine Hook, Julian Hilliard, Charlene Amoia, Paul Wilson and Sterling Jerins.

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