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Evil Summon is currently one of the most successful and profitable supernatural horror franchises, produced by James Wan and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, starting their film series in 2013. Based on adaptations of real cases of possession, the creators chose to use as protagonists Ed and Lorraine Warren, a famous couple of investigators of paranormal activity, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. In addition to the main films, the franchise still has several spin-offs from its universe such as Annabelle (1 and 2), The Nun and The Hooked Man.

On June 3 of this year, we will have the premiere of the long-awaited third chapter titled Invocation of Evil: The Order of the Devil. In the plot, the Warren couple investigate the case of a murderer who claims to have been possessed by a demon. The first reviews posted on Rotten Tomatoes about the film are mostly positive, generating even more expectations about it.

As we look forward to the film’s release, CinePOP has put together a list of horror movies below to spend the next few days with plenty of entertainment. Prepare the popcorn and come with us!

For starters, nothing is more fair and necessary than indicating a marathon with the first two films in the franchise that do justice to the scale of success.

The first feature film is set in Harrisville, USA, where we know the story of a couple who move into a new home with their five daughters. Suddenly, inexplicable events begin to manifest in this new home, frightening the family and especially the mother. With this, they decide to seek out the famous demonologists Warren who discover that something evil and demonic resides there.

In Summoning Evil 2, Ed and Lorraine Warren went on a mission to the UK in the 1970s to help the family of Peggy (Frances O’Connor), a mother who is raising her four children on her own in a house that appears to be haunted by an evil entity. The story is based on a true tale of two sisters that the real couple Warren investigated. Lorraine said the demon spoke directly to her and her husband, describing it as one of the most terrifying experiences of her career.

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One feature that got plenty to talk about with its debut was Hereditary. Many experts like to put it in a new category called post-terror. The plot begins with the death of the Graham family’s grandmother, who lived in isolation and had dark secrets that she kept hidden. After his departure, his presence remains like a shadow hovering over those close to him, especially vis-à-vis his granddaughter Charlie. An unfortunate fate they have inherited could seal the future of this family, as growing terror grips the house in which they live.

Also noteworthy is Toni Collette’s powerful performance as Annie, which was highly regarded at the time.

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The Orphan (2009)

Another movie with Vera Farmiga for the list. The Orphan is the story of a couple, Kate (Vera Farmiga) and John Coleman (Peter Sarsgaard), who are devastated after a tragic miscarriage. Even though they already have two biological children, they decide to adopt a child to complete the family. Their drama escalates further after they travel to an orphanage and meet nine-year-old Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) and fall in love with her. Adoption does happen, but weird situations start to happen after the girl arrives. What they don’t suspect is that she has a dark past, being totally different from what she appears to be.

They recently announced that the film will have a sequel with Isabelle Fuhrman back in the lead role and set to open in 2022.

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The Call is based on a Japanese film called Ringu, which is itself an adaptation of Koji Suzuki’s novel. It was very successful with the release of the North American version, which is directed by Gore Verbinski, with a screenplay by Ehren Kruger and an original soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.

The film tells the story of journalist Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts), who decides on her own to investigate the mysterious death of her niece Katie Embry (Amber Tamblyn). During this hunt for the truth, she discovers that four other teenagers have also died in similar circumstances, after spending seven days watching a video with frightening images. She must solve this riddle as quickly as possible, as her life and that of her son are in danger after they too watch the video.

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Considered a horror classic, nominated for ten Oscar statuettes, The Exorcist tells the story of an actress who realizes that her twelve-year-old daughter is behaving extremely disturbingly. With the help of a priest trained in psychiatry, they come to the conclusion that his case is demonic possession. To rid the young girl of this evil, they contact another priest specializing in exorcism to help them in this mission to recover the young girl.

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