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Instructions On How To Deactivate/Delete Your Facebook Account Now



How To Deactivate Facebook

Have you been wondering how to deactivate your Facebook account or delete it forever? There can be many reasons for you to wish to completely vanish your Facebook identity i.e. your Facebook account. Hence why we are here to give you the right details and instructions on how to deactivate your Facebook account now! 

So, without further ado, let us get started. 

Reasons To Deactivate Your Facebook Account Permanently or Temporarily? 

Since the time the social media platform Facebook was launched, people globally no matter a farmer from a village in the nowhere or a billionaire celebrity, all have similar rights and accounts on Facebook which portray all their life’s details and all their activities related to Facebook. 

These details include even the smallest of communications a Facebook account holder has daily, from their comments on other Facebook profile posts and pictures or their status updates of their current locations or activities. 

Now, when such minute details are available for everyone to see or hack into, it provides a fear in people sometimes when their identity and activities can be recovered from their Facebook profile. Sometimes there is fear of stalking by criminals or dangerous people as well as they can easily hack into your personal Facebook account to learn about your current whereabouts and even your current home or workplace as Facebook shows your current location in your bio. 

Now, considering that Facebook has become now one of the biggest sources of free speech and connection globally where people relish in their own free space with their profiles, there is always a risk attached to so much free space on the internet especially when your profile is up for everyone to view with your picture and small details about you. 

So, for such purposes where you might at some point wish to completely hide your identity or better yet vanish from Facebook, then Facebook gives you the freedom to do that as per your will. But the question is, do you want to deactivate your Facebook account permanently or temporarily? The answer to this lies in your reason for deactivation. If your reason to vanish your Facebook profile from Facebook is temporary like you have exams or a hectic work week where you don’t want any distraction then you can simply deactivate for a week or 7 days and so upon the completion of the 7 days, your Facebook profile will automatically recover and show as active profile again and everyone on Facebook and outside will be able to see it. 

How To Permanently Deactivate Your Facebook Account? 

There are times when you have reasons to forever delete your Facebook profile, it can be due to some threat you feel from the social site or due to other personal reasons. Whatever your reasons maybe you don’t need to explain it to Facebook for your permanent deactivation. You can simply follow the instructions in your account settings to select the deactivation option. Follow the instruction guide below to deactivate your Facebook Account! 

Steps On How To Deactivate Your Facebook Profile/Account From Browser 

If you are someone who doesn’t use Facebook on the app version but rather opens it through a browser then these are the steps you will take. 

● Firstly, you will need to search for the Facebook web page login on your device’s browser’s search bar. 

● Then upon entering the search bar, the Facebook login page will open and you will be required to fill in your login details in the login boxes. 

● After filling in the login details on the browser you will press the login button and Facebook will redirect you to your profile’s home page. 

● As the home page opens, you will see a bar on the top with some quick go-to options like your notifications bar, video reels bar as well friend request bar and beside them on the top right-hand side of the blue bar will be 3 parallel lines which indicate the settings button of your profile or if your Facebook is updated browser than you will see your profile photo on the top right corner of your Facebook web. 

● Click on the top right corner option and it will show you a slide-down bar that consists of all your accounts-related support and settings including the privacy option and help relating to your profile.

● From the slide-down bar, you will tap on the “Settings & Privacy” option to find the profile deactivation location option. 

● As you click on the Settings and Privacy option, you will then open another bar of options and from that, you will select the “Settings” option which will then redirect you to the accounts settings bar which will be an option of “Privacy” and will tap open the privacy option. 

● Upon tapping on the “Privacy” option, you will be required to click on the “Your Facebook Information” option in the list of Privacy options. 

● Now, in the “Your Facebook Information” option, you will be close to the deactivation option as you tap it open it will show amongst other options and information, in the last row, the option of “Deactivation & Deletion”! So, you will click on this option swiftly to finally get to the deactivation of your profile whether permanently or temporarily. 

● Then under the final “Deactivation and Deletion” option of your Facebook profile, you will be required to choose between the two final choices for removing your Facebook profile from active. 

● These two options in the deactivation settings of Facebook include the: 1. Deactivate Account Option. 

2. Delete Account Option. 

The first option of Deactivate Account option includes temporary deactivation for days or weeks which remains temporary and you can decide the time you will want your Facebook account to show as active again. The temporary deactivation option also includes options like with deactivation, you still don’t want to miss out on your notifications or Facebook friends tag to your Facebook profile so your account will still be receiving all the notifications even though it won’t show if searched or opened from friends list by others upon tapping on your Facebook profile name! 

However, if you wish to completely deactivate your Facebook account and never wish to be activated again, then you can simply choose the second option of “Delete Account”! This will completely rid you of the Facebook profile you are deactivating and you will never be able to recover that Facebook ID account back! 

As you choose either of these options of deactivation, you will be required to once again click on the “Continue to Account Deactivation” option. The final step of deactivation would require you to enter your Facebook account password which only you use for your login. As you enter your Facebook account password and press continue, you will then, based on the option of temporary or permanent deactivation (Deletion) of your Facebook account, be redirected to loading and then the login page or sign-up page of Facebook.

This will indicate that your Facebook account has been successfully deactivated and you don’t need to worry anymore about your Facebook profile being active or existing anymore for others to hack into or track! 

Steps To Deactivate Your Facebook Account From Android or iPhone Facebook App: 

If you are habitual of opening and using your Facebook account on your phone in the application version and you are now curious about how to deactivate an app on an Android or Apple phone then we are going to guide you on how to deactivate your Facebook account from phone/mobile! 

● Whether you have an Android or Apple phone, you need to open and find the Facebook application version already installed in your phone’s apps gallery. 

● Upon finding the Facebook application, you will need to tap open and you will be redirected to the homepage of your Facebook profile if you are already logged in. However, if you are not logged in then upon tapping on the app version on your phone, you will be redirected to a blue theme login page which will show the login details in empty boxes. Upon entering your login details, you will, like browser steps, need to tap on the “Login” option to open your Facebook profile. 

● As it redirects to your profile’s home page, you will need to follow the same steps we have guided you above for deactivation from the browser! 

Last Word 

We hope our guide above on how to deactivate your Facebook account is helpful and assists you in recognising how exactly you can deactivate your Facebook profile easily!

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