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‘Indiana Jones 5’ | 5 times the Nazis were defeated in cinema



There is no better punching bag in pop culture

Images captured on the recording set of Indiana Jones’ next chapter hinted that the Nazis would once again be antagonists in the franchise, a position temporarily lost in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Chapter Four, 2008) for the Soviets. As of this writing, there is still no further plot information, but this unofficial confirmation implies a possible return to the roots of the series set in Hunters of the Lost Ark.

But it wasn’t just the old Indie the Nazis struggled with; Throughout pop culture history in particular, there have been occasions when filmmakers have had the opportunity to revive this ghost just so they can return it to the grave in style. That said, here are five times Hitler’s soldiers suffered crushing defeats.

Throughout its duration, Tarantino’s work has set itself a very simple task: to show the Nazis as villains that live up to the stereotype formed and a group of heroes who like to give what they deserve. A direct premise that still manages to form a story with very effective moments of tension and striking characters.

Tarantino allows himself to rewrite history

However, what really remains in my memory (okay, maybe after the bad three points) is the crazy and historically alternate conclusion in which Hitler is strafed at by Lieutenant Aldo Raine’s men while a movie theater filled with his officers burning in flames with everyone trapped inside. To top it off, there is still the conclusion with the spell of Hans Landa marked on the blade.

4) The twelve convicts

Heist films are successful and not new. In 1967, filmmaker Robert Aldrich directed a production in which star Lee Marvin played the role of a soldier tasked with recruiting dangerous prisoners, training them and then sending them on a potentially suicidal mission whose objective was to eliminate all the German high command. . which will be gathered in one place.

A suicide squad that served as the inspiration for another suicide squad

The work has been back on public lips lately for being cited by director James Gunn as a strong inspiration in his upcoming The Suicide Squad, as the two productions have obvious similarities. This is also another case where the Nazis came out from below (literally).

Steven Spielberg’s epic war film is not so much a story centered solely on the theme of Allies vs. Axis, but more of a personal drama, played by Tom Hanks, who must travel through a war zone to find the aforementioned Ryan. just for him. personal news.

An unforgettable classic from Steven Spielberg

A thankless service but which builds the sympathy of the spectator around this figure and his detachment. Of course, on the way they will meet enemy soldiers and the ball will be dominant, but that is not the goal of this particular war movie; it is a conspiracy about camaraderie and not just about conflict.

In 2004, the booming Guillermo del Toro set out to adapt the adventures of the famous comic book character Dark Horse Comics with Ron Pearlman in makeup in the role. This adaptation is famous for not having been ashamed to transpose to the screen the most fanciful elements of the basic material (unlike a certain group of mutants in the year 2000…).

Enjoy watching:

Mexican director made the character a pop icon

And he had Nazis, Rasputin, and a devil for his wicked. Looking back, it’s quite curious to see how del Toro took on three elements that are, historically speaking, villainous characters or so mysterious as to be villainous in European culture; sort of tied them back to the origin of the vermilion and it worked, that’s it. No other director has been able to deliver a clash between Ron Pearlman and Rasputin.

1) The Fall

Without a doubt, one of the most dramatic moments of WWII was the entire period before and when the Soviets arrived in Berlin. There are countless reports of the pandemonium that broke out in the city; a mixture of fear on the part of civilians, despair of the officers of the security forces and denial emanating from the Nazi leader himself. Eventually, the arrival of the Russians would prove all the fear was well founded, but the brief moment between the day before the episode and the episode itself is where the fuse lies.

Bruno Ganz delivers one of the best interpretations in history

Probably no film has understood this brief moment better than The Fall and has given Hitler a look of such human fragility (thanks to the historic and impeccable performance of Bruno Ganz), neither before nor after. It also manages to be a chilling portrayal of how a crumbling political system is able to cannibalize its own people so quickly and relentlessly, not hesitating to send children to the frontlines of a fight totally. unfavorable.

Make sure to watch:


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