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Increasingly Popular Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings UK



Lab Grown Diamond Engagement

Diamond rings are always adored for engagement or wedding events. The spark and shine of a diamond looks so appealing that it makes the engagement ring extremely beautiful. However, natural diamonds are too costly to buy. Thus, the demand for lab grown diamonds is increasing day by day. Lab grown diamond engagement rings uk will make it affordable for everyone to buy a diamond ring for their big day.

What are lab grown diamonds:

Lab grown diamonds are man made diamonds made in a highly controlled laboratory environment. Advanced technologies are used to form lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds show similar chemical and optical properties because they are made of the same material as natural diamonds. These lab grown diamonds are available in different colors with higher qualities at affordable prices. 

Lab grown diamonds hold the same crystal structure as natural diamonds. They are made of tightly-bonded carbon atoms. They are just as hard as natural diamonds and respond to light in the same way. However, the origin of a diamond is the basic difference between natural and lab grown diamond. Natural diamonds were formed billions of years ago, having fascinating inclusions. However, lab grown diamonds were formed later to provide an affordable option for people. You can not differentiate lab grown diamonds from natural diamonds through the naked eye. A lab testing with advanced technology is required to identify lab grown diamonds.

Making of lab grown diamonds:

Lab grown diamonds are made by using two main processes;

  • HTHT (High pressure, high temperature)

As natural diamonds experience high pressure and high temperature on earth, the same procedure is used for lab grown diamonds. Natural or lab grown diamonds with lower quality can also be put through this procedure to improve the color. This process is also used to change the color of diamonds to yellow, blue or pink. This diamond will be considered as a treated diamond.

  • CVD (Chemical vapor deposition)

Scientists also enable this procedure to grow diamonds using lower or moderate pressures. They pump carbon-containing gas into vacuum chambers and deposit onto a diamond seed. It crystalizes lab grown diamonds looking like natural diamonds. The ultimate size of a lab grown diamond is based on the time allowed for growth.

Identification of lab grown diamonds:

Laboratory grown diamonds cannot be identified through an unaided eye. They require advanced testing in a gemological laboratory. Scientists and graders use sophisticated instruments to analyze strain patterns, fluorescence, inclusions, element position and more to identify lab grown diamonds. GIA created a convenient desktop instrument to help jewelers distinguish lab grown diamonds from natural diamonds. Treated diamonds and diamond simulants are also identified in a few seconds. If a stone needs further testing to know its quality, it is sent to a gemological laboratory. The laboratory will issue a lab grown diamond report to confirm its quality.

What procedure is used to evaluate lab grown diamonds in the laboratory?

When a lab grown diamond is submitted to a laboratory, such as GIA, they first examine whether it is natural or lab grown. Then they evaluate the 4 c’s of a diamond. Lab grown diamonds are evaluated with the same meticulousness as natural diamonds. The report provides details about color and clarity.

GIA can also determine how a diamond was grown by using advanced testing methods. This information is also added to the report. The report also declared if the diamond endured any post-growth treatment. These are called treated diamonds. This treatment is used to change the color of diamond to a fancy color. The diamond’s girdle is also laser-inscribed with the report number that identifies that the diamond is lab grown. This method will protect customers from buying a low quality diamond for a higher price. 

Lab grown engagement diamond rings uk are becoming increasingly popular as they look similar to natural diamonds but their cost is economical. You can buy lab grown diamond rings from a trusted diamond dealer to get the best quality with the best price. Kay jeweler is a reliable and well-known platform where you will find a lot of lab grown diamond rings in different styles and colors. You can choose a lab grown diamond ring for your engagement and make your bride happy without spending a hefty amount for natural diamonds.

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