Increase Your Typing Speed & Vocabulary Now With The Nitro Type Game



Do you struggle to type fast on the keyboard? Or do you find it difficult to think and type words quickly with the correct spelling and grammar? Well, then we have the perfect solution to your slow typing on the keyboard as well as your vocabulary perfector. It’s the online game “NItro Type,” which is an incredibly unique game with an interesting motive to help you increase your typing speed and vocabulary on the computer 3x faster, guaranteed! 

Well, don’t worry, as in this article we are going to help you by giving you all the details about this challenging game that is sure to help you in the most fun way possible! 

So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

What Is Nitro Type and Its Purpose? 

Nitro Type is an online game that was first created and launched in 2011 by a talented young man, Austin Butler. Nitro Type was then again launched from beta in 2012 and since then has gained considerable fame among gaming players for what it offers as a unique game. 

Nitro Type is a multi-faceted game that includes the aspects of both a thrilling game and education. It’s impressively designed with the motive of making learning and exercising typing speed and vocabulary on the keyboard incredibly thrilling and fun. This is due to the game’s thrilling and goal-oriented gameplay, as it’s designed as a racing game where you will be racing with other players who will also be racing. However, the fun quirk of the game is that the race winner will vary based on the number of words typed in the time slot of the race! Yes, that’s what the learning aspect is within the game. To keep your car in the race while playing, you need to type in the words the game asks for to keep your racing car in the gameplay, or else you will be a loser.

Now, this means that you need to be cautious and active in your mind while playing Nitro Type, as this game requires your full active attention to fulfill the task of typing words while you are in the race. The thrill Nitro Type offers is unlike many that are simply racing games or boring typing speed tests as well as vocabulary tests. With Nitro Type, you can enjoy as well as increase and win the game with other players to not only enjoy and engage but also assess your winnings, as the more time you win from other racing players, the more you can analyze your keyboard typing speed as well as your vocabulary.

What Is Unique About Nitro Type Games? 

Nitro Type uniquely offers an experience that’s both learning and thrilling as well as satisfying, as you feel the power of your hands as the game shapes you to learn keyboard typing with the correct usage of vocabulary in less than a month. However, the only condition is that you play it regularly in your free time or for practice. 

The more unique aspect of the game is that while the game is a racing game with the typical thrilling racing cars and time slot to finish and win, the other players in the Nitro Type game aren’t bots playing with you but real-time players. Hence, you won’t feel like you are playing a game with set bots; instead, the other players are also as competitive as you, as they are also learning and increasing their practice of typing as well as wanting to prove their typing speed has reached the best level or not.

What Do You Get for Winning Games in Nitro Type? 

Well, apart from the feeling of being a speedy typer who can outrun all the other real-time playing members, you are also rewarded with Nitro Cash as well as other benefits. These benefits include the ability to become friends with other racing members, join a team of other players, and collectively achieve team rewards, as well as other gaming advantages, as the game itself is made to simultaneously give you the thrill of winning bonuses and pros. 

Also, the creativity of the game is such that upon winning the typing race in Nitro Type, you win the nitro type cash, and that Nitro Money you can utilize in the game by upgrading your garage and in options like buying a new racing car.

How to Play the Nitro Type Racing Game? 

The game of Nitro Type is indeed unique, but with an incredible design to aid your typing practice needs. The racing game begins with your car situated on the racing road, as well as other real-time players beside you in the race. As the game starts and says “GO”, this is an indicator for you to prepare yourself by keeping your hands on the keyboard. As the time slot for the race begins, you will be shown text in a box situated in the center of the game screen. 

Now, in the thrill and hurry of the race in Nitro Type, you might lose concentration and speed if you type the text shown wrongly. If you even make a typing mistake of an alphabet in the word, then the wrong alphabet typed in will be highlighted in red to point out to you the error that needs correction! As you type in the correction, for example, where you needed to type in a small “e” and you typed in a capital “E,” unless you correct the capital E back to a small e, your typed word will not be counted in the race, and your chances of winning will also go down. 

What Is “Nitro” in the Nitro Type? 

Nitro, as the name correlates to the game’s name, Nitro Type, is a sort of bonus option that’s given to you as the player in each game once. This nitro’s use is that it works as a tool that you can use once to skip a word text in the race that you don’t want to type in. This will allow you to win the Nitro Type race faster, as if you feel that certain text will slow you down in the race against other typing real-time players in the race, then you can utilize this tool of Nitro in Nitro Type to increase your pace and win.

Last Word 

We hope the above details answer all your curiosity about how you play Nitro Type and the purpose of this game, which is to aid your typing skills. If you are someone who desires to increase their typing speed, then this game of Nitro Type is the answer for you.

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