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In October this zodiac sign will change jobs: here is which one



October, for the Gregorian calendar is the tenth month of the year and is, instead, the second month of autumn for the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern hemisphere. This colorful month has 31 days and falls in the second half of the calendar year. The name derives from the Latin “October”, because it was the eighth month of the Roman calendar which therefore began with the month of March. In this article we will analyze the stars and we will understand which will be the sign of the zodiac, which in this case will experience problems at the level of work that will even lead him to change his profession. Are you curious to know? Continue reading.

The zodiac sign in question is Capricorn. It is a cardinal earth sign which is ruled by Saturn, Mars is here in exaltation and instead the Moon is in exile with Venus in fall. Its opposite sign is Cancer and the most popular color is black. The symbol of this sign is the chimerical creature of the same name, that is, the goat in the upper part and the fish in the lower part; this stylized symbol is found in two ways: the first is what we see on the side while the second is a union of two numbers: a seven and a six. People born under this sign have beautiful tenacity and a great sense of ambition, thanks to which they are perfectly capable of successfully achieving their goals.

Cautiousness, patience, thoughtfulness and great self-control are just a few of the many characteristics of Capricorn. However, those who belong to this sign show a certain introversion and confidentiality, characterized by pessimism and often very obvious closure, which therefore leads them to often be cold and suspicious of others. Like all other earth signs, he can also be very materialistic and therefore particularly linked to material things and therefore to work, thanks to which he can allow himself to enjoy all the most desired whims.

But be careful, dear Capricorns, because this month is a bit uncertain for you. You have to try to learn important lessons from the past, but then you have to let go of them and move on. Why? At work you will still receive blows from colleagues very close to you who will make you fall and lose all your self-esteem, it will be precisely because of this emotional malaise which you have to report every morning, that you will decide to give everything change and change jobs hoping for a better situation. We just have to wish you good luck.

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