In October, luck will fall on this zodiac sign: here is which one



October has already presented itself as a sign full of change and new and intriguing paths, with Air signs continuing their path to success. After the sweltering summer characterized by the usual lightness, autumn has arrived strong and ready to give us an awakening: the sky presents new positions of the planets that will bring to light absolute novelties for the whole zodiac. The most advantaged are certainly the Air Signs such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius who will do very well all activities related to fashion, communication, gastronomy, sport and entertainment.

The arrival of autumn undoubtedly pushes the care of your body with a change of look or through a new physical activity to carry out. Going to the main point of this article, we tell you that the luckiest sign of this month of October is strangely not an air sign but an earth sign, Taurus. Let’s see some features of this beautiful sign.

It is a fixed earth sign which is ruled by Venus and which is linked to the feminine energies of creation and especially of fertility. In this sign Jupiter is particularly in exaltation, Pluto and Mars go into exile and Mercury, on the other hand, is in fall. In classical astrology, exaltation was the Moon. The color of this sign is green, a lover of precious stones such as malachite, emerald and rose quartz. The opposite sign of Taurus is Scorpio.

People belonging to this sign are known for their tenacity, stubbornness, loyalty and propensity to think things through before acting without being caught up in instinct. The other qualities of this sign are sensuality, good aesthetic taste but also attachment to the material aspects of existence. Those born under this sign are lovers of the arts of good food and good music, so they have a very refined sense of “beauty”.

In this month of October 2022, Taurus is about to experience an extremely favorable period characterized by absolute and stimulating novelties in the area of ​​love. The workplace is shaping up to be lucky even though there will be very important weeks to make long-term decisions that will have you jumping for joy and touching the sky with one finger. Taurus must not forget that Uranus is their ally, who constantly asks for abrupt changes but the watchword is “act with caution”, thus evaluating each situation in its maximum depth.

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