Importance of Image File Formats On Internet



Using the correct and accurate file format for your images not only enhances the image quality but also makes its instant sharing with others possible. The well optimized images also help in improving the speed of your website to attract customers. You can easily use online tools like bulkimageresizer for bulk png to jpg converter images for sharing with anyone and to improve websites. Keep reading to know about various image file formats and their importance.

Importance of Various Image File Formats

Here is the list of different file formats with their importance.


JPG is a type of raster photo file format. This format is based on lossy compression. Due to this, the jpg image is easy to share with others. You know in this format the file size gets reduced but loses its quality also. You know it is one of the most widely used formats on the internet because of two reasons, which are:

  • The universal browser and OS support.
  • Lossy compression makes text readability poor.

Many social media platforms like Facebook automatically upload images in JPG format for better sharing with others.


PNG format maintains the details and contrasts between image colors. You know the png format is better than JPG because of its readability feature. Png format goes best with infographics, screenshots, and banners also. The best thing about PNG format is that it provides images with the highest quality and also clear text. Adding more, you can also use this format to add images to the website.


The GIF is also another common type of image format. You know this image format works on lossless image compression. Many people on the internet use this gif format for small animated images. You know this format keeps the size of the file small and also makes it internet-friendly. The limit of this file format is 8 bits per pixel. Adding more, it also supports the limited color palette of only 256. Use it only for small animated images.


This format works on both lossy and lossless compression. When you convert your jpg, or png images to webp by using a bulk image converter. It is highly beneficial for you in the terms which are discussed below.

  • It saves server disk space.
  • It also provides significant bandwidth.
  • It provides better image quality.


TIFF file format is used for those images that need to be printed. This file format only supports lossy compression. It is the largest file format with no compression. It provides limited browser support. Many people on the internet use this tiff file format for storing and preparing images that are used for publication purposes. Adding more, many scanners also used tiff format to secure the quality of printing documents.


This format is known as high efficiency image file The compression of this heif file format is twice and hence provides double quality images. It is basically used by mobile phone users to save images at the highest quality than JPG format. It usually provides less browser and OS support. Use it if you want image quality better than JPG.


SVG is usually developed by W3C. This image format doesn’t rely on pixels. Instead, it makes graphs like mathematical equations. By using svg format, you can easily scale up your images without making any compromise on the quality. You cannot use this format for complex drawings. Besides, you can use it for brand logos, icons, and simple illustrations, etc. You can also use it for WordPress while creating websites.

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Final Words!

These are the various image file formats that are mostly used on the internet and have their own importance. You can pick any of the file formats from the above mentioned options according to your preferences and needs. Use these formats for easy image sharing and for also optimizing the speed of the site.

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