Imma Tataranni 2, protagonist without filters of the series: “It happened off set”



The last episode of the season, broadcast last night on Rai 1, recorded audience records and an end to blow your mind. Fans are becoming more and more attached to the characters of the television series and they will surely like what stands out from Barbara Ronchi…

Vanessa Scalera as Imma Tataranni – Solocine.it

Vanessa Scalera, 45, was born in Mesagne, in the province of Brindisi, and plays Imma Tataranni, a character from the novels of Mariolina Venezia. Imma is an assistant prosecutor from Matera who solves complex cases in Basilicata with her wit and sharp intelligence. The second season is full of twists and turns. Imma is Valentina’s mother, struggling with adolescence, she is a friend of Diana, played by Barbara Ronchi, she is a disputed woman between her opposite husband Pietro and the date Ippazio Calogiuri. And, again, Imma is an established professional and serious about her job, dealing with macabre and sometimes very crude cases.

off the board

It is not certain that the actors have an understanding and a friendship outside the set. Just Barbara Ronchi, who plays the character of Diana, in an interview with Radiocorriere Tv revealed what really happened off set, at the end of filming: “We shot from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday we went to discover Matera and its surroundings, starting from the rock churches, Sasso Barisano, Sasso Caveoso. Historical archaeological but also food and wine tours.” The 40-year-old Roman actress has a degree in archeology and has shown an endless passion for Basilicata in general and for Matera in particular.

The friendship between Imma and Diana

Barbara Ronchi has masterfully interpreted the character of Diana, with an impeccable Lucanian accent. He also revealed that the actors trained a lot, working on Lucanian diction, with a coach, Lia Trevisani. For Barbara Ronchi and Vanessa Scalera it was a meeting on the set: the two actresses were already friends before the shooting of Imma Tataranni. In the fiction, they play two historical high school friends. According to Barbara, the characters are bound by friendship, a unique asset they cultivate for each other: “Diana is one of those people that Imma has carried with her all her life. The fun fact is that the only thing Diana doesn’t understand is what everyone can see: the story between Imma and Calogiuri”.

Imma and Diana friends on set and in life – Solocine.it

The entire season of Imma Tataranni 2 – Assistant Prosecutor is available on Rai’s RaiPlay platform.

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