“I’m scared”, another twist between Wanda Nara and Icardi: shock admission



“I’m afraid”, another twist between Wanda Nara and Icardi: shock admission. The Argentinian maid couldn’t deny it

The contours of the story between the former Inter player and his wife are becoming worrying. Wanda says she’s afraid of Mauro’s morbid insistence on winning her back.

Wanda Nara (Ansa Foto)

This story has been going on for more than a year, since China Suarez entered their lives. What looked like a little flirtation with Mauro Icardi became the choice to ruin their relationship. Wanda Nara never forgave her husband, until the separation and the flirtation with the young Argentinian rapper L-Gante. A question and answer outside the marital roof that should have definitely put a stone to their love. In reality, at least on the footballer’s side, there is no resignation to giving up the mother of his two daughters. The former Inter striker does everything to win back the heart of the maid, not accepting the end of the marriage.

She keeps repeating on social networks that there is nothing left between them and that the parenthesis is definitely closed. The Galatasaray striker, meanwhile, claims that even recently in Buenos Aires the two have been great together.

Wanda Nara confesses her difficult moment: “I’m afraid of Mauro Icardi”

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara (AnsaFoto)

This attitude of Mauro also seems to have frightened Wanda, who says she is afraid. Obviously the budding love affair between Nara and the 22-year-old rapper, L-Gante, must have made Icardi jealous to the point of wanting to take back what he believes still belongs to him.

“I have nothing to forgive, we are separated,” Wanda wrote on Instagram in response to news that emerged about her romantic situation. For his part, the player reiterates: “Separated? Like when I went to Argentina a few days ago? I sign it, we had a lot of fun”. In Argentina, they are sure that the wife is afraid at this moment, precisely because of the obsession that seems to have taken hold of her husband’s mind.

“I asked her how she could not be afraid – explained columnist Luli Fernandez during the program Partners of the Show -. Icardi is a very strange attitude. And she answered ‘The truth is that this time I’m afraid’ “.

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