‘I’ll tell you why I didn’t like it’, Antonino’s disconcerting revelation about Elettra: furious fans



In the past few hours, Antonino Spinalbese has made a disconcerting revelation about Elettra Lamborghini. His words anger fans.

In recent hours, Antonino Spinalbese thought of everyone in the house of Big Brother Vip. In fact, the hairdresser made an incredible claim about Ginevra Lamborghini: her words amaze everyone.

Gieffino’s lyrics amaze everyone (via WebSource)

Over the past few hours, we’ve seen Ginevra Lamborghini’s exit from the house shake the balance inside the most spied-on Italian house. An outing that sent Antonino Spinalbese into crisis. Belen Rodriguez’s ex, however, recovered quickly and seemed very calm in recent days. Just yesterday, the gieffino wanted to make a sensational revelation Cristina Quaranta who hopes for the arrival of other competitors.

So Antonino addressing the roommate said: “I live for women, I really mean it. I just have this love for women. And I’m not talking about physical acts or things. But also to wake up next to a woman, it excites me all day “- he then concluded – “We hope they let someone in. Maybe a girl will be here soon. You will see my adrenaline when the new ones arrive”. But afterwards, the hairdresser surprised everyone with a new statement about Geneva.

Antonino amazes everyone in Geneva: “There could be nothing”

Antonino Spinalbese in the house with Ginevra Lamborghini (@Mediaset Infinity)

Cristina Quaranta pointed out to the roommate that a girl from the GF Vip house had already found her, thus referring to Ginevra Lamborghini, adding that something could really be born between the two of them. Teased by the housemate, however, Antonino gave a response that angered viewers. In fact, Spinalbese began by replying, “No Cri, I didn’t like it. Do you know why? I am a son of a bitch. We couldn’t have become a couple. In my life I have always tested everyone and I have tested her too”.

Spinalbese also went on to say, “Because she was engaged and I didn’t like that kind of stuff with me at all. Not at all. Why am I telling you this? I can think of myself too. here and so we have fun”. Antonino would not have liked the fact that Ginevra had approached him as a girlfriend. In fact, the hairdresser then concluded: “I understood it almost immediately. not say that because I can put her in a bad position. Ok I’m good, but I’m not stupid. ” In short, after weeks of flirting, Spinalbese extinguished all rumors of a possible relationship with Lamborghini.

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