Iliad makes a great gift to its customers: incredible promotions



In these hours Iliad has decided to launch a promotion which is in fact a real gift for its customers: all the details.

Iliad’s incredible promotions don’t stop. The French telephone operator has indeed decided to launch a real gift for all its customers. Let’s find out all the details of the new tariff plan.

The latest promotion for the telephone company (via WebSource)

Even at the end of 2022, Iliad is ready to do anything to be recognized as the leading operator in the field of mobile telephony. During these weeks, the transalpine supplier has planned a series of important innovations from a commercial point of view for its customers. In fact, during these hours, customers have the possibility of activating a series of very advantageous rechargeable batteries.

Among all the offers offered by the operator, the most advantageous remains without a shadow of a doubt the 120 Giga. Customers who choose this rechargeable will have unlimited calls, SMS to send to anyone and even 120 Giga to surf the internet. The cost of this promotion also seems staggering considering that users will only have to shell out $9.99 per month to get it. Let’s discover all the other advantageous offers of the operator.

Iliad, the best offers after the Giga 120: what it is

The well-known operator’s logo (via Ansa photo)

As we anticipated, however, the Giga 120 is not the only promotion planned for Iliad customers. In fact, users who choose the rechargeable can also activate two other simply advantageous promotions such as the Giga 80 and the Giga 40. In recent weeks, the Giga 80 has replaced the Giga 50 in the price lists. of the French operator. To get it, customers will only pay €7.99 every thirty days. Obviously, unlimited calls will be made available to the customer for everyone, SMS to send to anyone and even 80 Giga to surf the internet with 6 Giga for an internet connection from abroad.

But the Giga 80 is not the only promotion worth mentioning. Indeed, on the Iliad price list we also find the Giga 40. This offer will have a monthly cost of 6.99 euros. All users who decide to activate it will have endless calls to all numbers and mobiles, SMS to send to any number in the address book and 40 Giga for Internet. These are just three of the most advantageous offers from the transalpine operator, which has established itself in recent years as a true leader in the mobile telephony market.

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