Ilary Blasi after Francesco Totti wants to change his life? The urge to quit TV



Ilary Blasi was ready to quit television after what emerged regarding his relationship with Francesco Totti. Here is what would have emerged and what would have been decided now for the next edition of L’Isola dei Famosi.

Fabrizio Corona recently published an interview with Peppe Iodice on regional channel 21. For some time now, the former VIP photographer has been promising his audience to reveal burning truths about the relationship between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, but punctually his Instagram account n ceased to be purged from Meta.

In New York, the intrepid Ilary Blasi poses in a tank top while the temperature is close to zero degrees (photo Instagram).

After appealing to the court for the blackout of his profiles, Fabrizio Corona also opened a Telegram channel, where he shared the video of his interview with Peppe Iodice. Content on Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti would be explosive. The former Roma captain reportedly had around 500 wives a year, and it seems his wife knows it all.

Ilary Blasi ready to quit TV? The delicate story

It is clear that Fabrizio Corona would seem to have taken some disagreements with Ilary Blasi personally, especially when he was a competitor and she was the host of a reality show. On the other hand, the now ex-spouses of Totti seem to have started the lawsuit for the separation, trying to continue living their new life.

Year 2014: Silvia Toffanin and Ilary Blasi arrive at the wedding of Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi (Instagram photo).

Francesco Totti made his first public appearance alongside Noemi Bocchi when he arrived in Dubai for the Globe Soccer Awards, or the “Oscars” of the world of football. The former Roma captain has now made his new romantic situation official, confirming the gossip that led to the separation from Ilary Blasi.

Who will be the presenter of the next edition of L’Isola dei Famosi?

While several tabloids have focused on Noemi Bocchi and Francesco Totti’s inappropriate Globe Soccer Awards attire, few have noticed that the L’Isola dei Famosi host has completely disappeared from everyone’s radar. His social channel informs us that he is currently in New York, and appears to be on vacation. Globe Soccer Awards 2022, Francesco Totti arrived at the ceremony with Noemi Bocchi. This is their first official outing together (Instagram photo).

NuovoTv confirms fears that Ilary Blasi is considering leaving TV. She had exposed herself to Verissimo by denying any betrayal by her husband, and according to Alfonso Signorini she would be angry at the situation. Silvia Toffanin would therefore have intervened to avoid her farewell on TV: she would currently select the new castaways from L’Isola 2023.

Below is the opening of the Globe Soccer Awards 2022, which saw Francesco Totti as the protagonist:

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