Ignazio Moser, Now Wife Cecilia: Do You Know Who The Ex Is? Absurd!



Famous VIPs Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodriguez are getting married soon: but did you know that the cyclist has a very famous ex? There you go, it’s beautiful.

Recently, Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodriguez announced that they were ready to get married. The couple is one of the most solid and stable in the world of entertainment, indeed the two have been in a relationship since 2017. They met through television, when they were both participating in the Big Brother Vip. Back then, the unforgettable locker room scene went down in history.

Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodriguez – Solocine.it

The two continued their love story even after the end of Alfonso Signorini’s program, directed at the time by Ilary Blasi. They are very close and during these years they have proven to be a very close couple, surrounded by millions of fans who support their love. They are, in fact, very popular on social networks, especially on Instagram. In total, their profiles have more than five million followers.

On the famous social network, they announced their official engagement. Just a few days ago, the two posted a reel explaining that they were getting married soon. Here are her words: “And… she said yes! I can’t wait to live you for a lifetime! “. A very touching post, which immediately received thousands of likes and comments. The former cyclist can’t wait to get married, but do you know who he was with before meeting the Argentinian influencer?

Ignazio Moser, the ex before meeting Cecilia Rodriguez

Before going into show business, Ignazio Moser had a brilliant career in sport, particularly in cycling. He inherited the passion from his father, Francesco Moser, road and track world champion in 1977 and 1976. His son also had a successful but not as long sporting career and retired in 2014. , he works as an influencer and television personality.

Virginie Stablum – Solocine.it

Before meeting Belen Rodriguez’s younger sister, the former Isle of Famous contestant had several relationships, some bigger than others. One of the best known was the one with the beautiful Virginia Stablum, former contender of men and women, as well as Miss Universe Italy 2022. As he himself stated on Fanpage, it was a very intense story but also very painful, to the point that he took a long time to recover: “I had girls after her, and it was up to me each time, at the turning point, to take a step back”. Fortunately, today he is very happy with the Argentinian model.

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