Ignazio Boschetto, his girlfriend is more famous than him: a very famous dancer



Il Volo, the singer Ignazio Boschetto, who has always tried to keep his private life confidential, is engaged to a woman more famous than him… But do you know who he is? A beautiful dancer…

Who is tenor Ignazio Boschetto’s mysterious girlfriend? The young girl seems not to be Italian and much more famous than him in her country of origin where she still lives…

Ignazio Boschetto Solocine.it

The singer of Il Volo has long been engaged to a girl who is not Italian but who is much more famous than him in his country, who is it? The tenor has confirmed the love story with the 27-year-old Brazilian-born dancer who happened to be known on social networks during the long and very difficult confinement that caught us all off guard. The two are still together and love each other. The artist spoke about it freely and without filters on Domenica In…

The love story from a distance

It all happened thanks to Aunt Mara who teased him asking how love was going and the tenor didn’t hesitate to say “I’m fine”. Boschetto also revealed that soon Ana Paula, that’s the name of his better half, will join him on tour because the two see each other very few times since she lives in Brazil. A distant relationship – therefore – that between the tenor and the dancer. In reality, the singer of Il Volo then immediately clarified: “See you soon, from time to time, I work, she works. Like intelligent couples, we wait for the right moment”.

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But who is Ana Paula Guedes, the girlfriend of Ignazio Boschetto from Il Volo? The girl is a dancer of Brazilian origin, known in Italy for having become the girlfriend of the well-known artist with whom she also appears on Social. In fact, she is very well known in her country since she has devoted herself since very young to the world of entertainment and television by participating in the program Danca dos Famosos, which is none other than the Brazilian version of Dancing with the stars. of which she is a part as a professional.

Ignazio Boschetto and his Brazilian girlfriend Ana aula Guedes Solocine.it

The meeting between the two took place by chance during the confinement period as Ignazio Boschetto candidly confessed to Verissimo. Here is his confession: “We spent eight months exchanging messages, hearing each other and video calling each other. Then at the first opportunity I went to Brazil to meet her and from there it was great, because we met little by little”. Today, the couple is happy and very much in love. Confirmation then comes from Social where the two posted some photos together. Their thinking? “We love each other a lot, and it’s good to experience things like that”. And fans of both cheer!

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