If You Eat Nutella, Always Watch Out For This Thing: Here’s Why



What world would it be without Nutella? Oh yes, this spreadable cream has entered the hearts of all Italians, young and old without any difference. It is a trademark of Ferrero, created in 1964: it was a gianduia cream containing sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, milk, soy lecithin and vanillin. It is undoubtedly the best-selling cream spread in the world, with a production of 365,000 tons each year. The name derives from the substantive nut, which means “hazelnut” in English, and from the Italian suffix -ella, in order to obtain a more catchy name.

How was he born? Pietro Ferrero had a pastry shop in Alba, in the Langhe, and during the Second World War, due to the lack of cocoa which was mainly intended for war stocks, he decided to replace cocoa with hazelnuts and sugar, thus inventing the “first version” of “Giandujiot”. In 1951, however, Supercrema was born, a canned product sold in large jars, but a few years later, in 1963, Michele, Pietro’s son, decided to renew it with the intention of market throughout Europe.

The composition, the label and the name have thus changed and our dear Nutella was born. But how many times have we heard that Nutella is bad for you? And how many videos on the web give reasons for this? It is clear that Nutella contains fat and this can easily be read on the label and so it is huge that by placing a jar in the sun a disgusting looking yellow liquid forms inside. Many sites also claim that this fantastic cream spread is 80% less healthy saturated fatty acids and contains palm oil.

Always by reading the label, it is possible to see how much the percentages are shifted, however on palm oil there are many prejudices, often totally unfounded. Some sources also go too far in speaking of Class Action in the USA which forced the Ferrero company to compensate American consumers, but this is real news which is distorted because of the presence of palm oil or its alleged “harmfulness”.

Instead, the false advertising has something to do with it, as the product has been touted as the key to a healthy, balanced diet, but it’s not the first time some companies have preferred to pay up front. to avoid these kinds of costly lawsuits that go on for decades. . In conclusion, we can say that Nutella is a safe product that has no particular contraindications, except that, being high in fat, it must be consumed with the right moderation.

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