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If You Eat Chestnuts Be Very Careful About This Thing: Here’s Why



With the arrival of autumn, which in any case is already well advanced, the delicious chestnuts have entered our lives with their incomparable colors and flavors. Autumn is the season that gently accompanies us into winter and which, although quite sparkling, pampers us with a riot of unique emotions. Among these, we cannot fail to mention the good flavor, aroma and bewitching fragrance of roasted chestnuts. But do we really know everything about chestnuts? What distinguishes chestnuts from chestnuts? And what are they for? Let’s see together.

The chestnut is the fruit of the horse chestnut tree but you have to be careful not to confuse it with the fruit of another very close tree, the horse chestnut tree. Horse chestnut also bears very beautiful fruits that look like chestnuts but are not at all edible and are in fact also called “crazy” chestnuts. Their shape of the latter is smaller, rounded and has a much thicker skin with a decidedly lighter color. Once this difference between edible chestnuts and wild chestnuts has been clarified, let’s see what the nutritional properties of chestnuts are.

They are particularly high in starches, also called complex carbohydrates; they also contain proteins, fibers, mineral salts and many vitamins of group D. In terms of the beneficial properties they provide to our body, it is important to know that chestnuts are good for the circulatory system, the system nervous and even for the well-being performance of intestinal functions. They even manage to significantly counteract hypercholesterolemia, they help the proper functioning of the intestine and by promoting the work of the cardiovascular system they fight very well against anemia (due to the significant presence of iron).

But now let’s figure out what chestnuts are bad for (or for whom). In general, it can be said that it is not advisable to taste a large amount of chestnuts for people with diabetes, those who are overweight or those who suffer from colitis. It is therefore advisable to be extremely careful if you belong to these three categories of people because chestnuts could cause you considerable inconvenience. If, on the other hand, you are particularly diabetic, consider the fact that chestnuts are very rich in sugars and therefore not suitable for your ideal diet. Last little gem: if you follow a slimming diet, favor the caloric intake of chestnuts because they could easily make you succumb to temptation and thus frustrate all the efforts made.

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