If you do this, your toilet will always be scented: here’s how



One of the most imminent problems you have to face at home is cleaning the sanitary facilities, especially the toilets, since it is true that bad smells can come from all the sewers, but they are much more frequent from the toilets. . So let’s see what we can do to eliminate the problem, finding a solution that is also suitable for daily cleaning. Above all, the first thing to do to eradicate the problem is to understand where it comes from, what causes it. In this case it is quite simple, indeed in the majority of cases, the release of bad odors is caused by the siphon.

The trap is an essential part of the bathroom pipes, as it connects your toilet to the drains. The peculiarity of this object lies in its particular U-shape. This conformation allows the creation of a small quantity of water, which soon settles in the lower part, in the hollow of the object, which takes the name of elbow siphon. The water has a very specific purpose, which is literally to act as a “barrier” against bad odors trying to come up from the drains.

Often, however, this does not happen, because each time the toilet is used, if all the waste is not removed, the few that remain settle until they accumulate. It may seem like a minor detail, but it is not, because day after day a real ball is created, which, having reached considerable dimensions, only instructs the siphon, preventing the passage of the water and materials, obviously also causing bad smells. In this case, it is enough to throw a drain cleaner, preferably in gel, in the toilets and to let the product act for all the time indicated on the packaging.

Only after the product has burned through can you flush the toilet. You will now have a bathroom that is tasteless and ready to welcome your guests, but before concluding, here is a little tip that will make your bathroom smell good. You just have to combine a winning couple, I am referring to baking soda and vinegar. These two elements have two extraordinary capacities, on the one hand to neutralize stains (even the most difficult to remove), and on the other hand to whiten and shine your toilet bowl. But be careful because if you want your bathroom to smell good, you can combine two other substances, borax is in lemon juice. Try it and you won’t regret it.

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