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“If only I could see you now”, Kledi’s wife moves everyone: the poignant letter



A letter that moved the whole web and in which someone even saw themselves again: Kledi’s wife leaves everyone speechless

Unexpected words from the Yoga teacher who amazed all his followers. To most, she is known as the wife of the Amici Dancer, as well as the mother of two beautiful children, but her life has been all about doctrine.

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It was only recently that Kledi and his wife became parents again with the birth of Vittoria. The couple have always been very close and together they have found their balance, now that their commitment as parents has doubled, they had to find even more unity. However, life is not always a downward road, indeed, the ups and downs are more than we think, but the two have always faced them together.

The yoga teacher did a lot of soul-searching before posting a lengthy Instagram post in which she talks to herself while simultaneously giving a strong message to everyone who reads it.

‘Your world wasn’t falling apart, it was just being restructured’: Kledi’s wife moves everyone

Just hours ago, Kledi’s wife posted photos on Instagram of a letter she wrote to herself: “You didn’t think you deserved it, that you were ready, that you could handle it “If only I could see you now…you’d be amazed at what an amazing mother you are. You’ve handled every diagnosis, every hospital stay, every extra word with such grace. You’ve experienced the unimaginable and found somehow a reason to be forever grateful. Your world wasn’t falling apart, it was just being restructured. It was hard. Shit if it was. But it was. “It was so beautiful. You found joy in the smallest things. I’m proud of you and how you’ve handled this past year. You’re doing a great job and Gabriel knows it. I love you.”

Charlotte Lazzari explained to her followers: “I wrote this letter to myself while waiting for my son’s exams, remembering how far we have come in a year.
Short, written sentences that I didn’t even want to share… but then I thought of the many mothers who needed to hear it. You are doing a great job mom! And even though it feels overwhelming at times and you feel like you’re out of breath, you rock everything. I’m proud of you and you should be too.”

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