“I will take your husband who is a millionaire”: Giaele De Donà takes it out on him forever



After the confrontation between Antonino and Ginevra, another attack comes from the studio. Alfonso signorini asks Giaele for a comment. The cries of Cristina Quaranta attacking the young girl, closer and closer to the ex.

A violent attack by Cristina Quaranta against Giaele de Donà, a 15-year-old model and immediate competitor of other reality shows on Real Time and Discovery+ such as I’m sending you to the convent: “You’re a shameful tick, I’m going to take your husband”. After the departure of Geneva from the Canale 5 house, Antonino died out a little and Giaele took care of him and immediately went into seduction mode: he tried to provoke him and spend as much time as possible with him. . Antonino for his part did not avoid the girl on the contrary, amused by the provocations he tried to give her as much rope as possible. From the workshop come the cries of Cristina Quaranta who defines her as a mint and not as a bee that goes from flower to flower as Orietta Berti had previously called her. Alfonso Signorini tried to calm the waters without success.
Here is what they said.

Cristina Quaranta and Giaele De Donà – solocine.it

Cristina Quaranta did not save herself from attacks on the girl and Antonino. Meanwhile, the web follows the story with garnet eyes. You can’t believe what happened.

The words of Cristina Quaranta

Cristina Quaranta is an Italian showgirl and television presenter discovered by Gianni Boncompagni on Domenica In. In 1991, she worked at Non è la Rai then jumped into the show Bulli ePupe. He had a daughter with Matteo De Stefani, with whom he divorced before returning to television with GFVIP.

That’s why he shouted at his roommate’s behavior at Mediaset. We remember that Giaele Donà has an open relationship with her husband but does not want to admit that there is something between her and Antonino. His flirtations started as soon as Ginevra Lamborghini, daughter of the famous entrepreneur and sister of Elettra Lamborghini, left the GF’s house. Their love was born inside the series itself and made fans fall in love: “Ginevra succeeds in bringing out what I hide. Inside this house you have to find parachutes and Geneva was. When you miss something, you start seeing everything black. Yes, I miss it, ”these are the words that Antonino confessed during the broadcast.

The cries of Cristina Quaranta against Giaele

Belen’s ex is hotly contested: first Ginevra Lamborghini and now Giaele De Donà. Alfonso Signorini asks Giaele for a comment on his behavior towards Antonino who, as soon as he found himself free, was attacked by the attentions of the young girl, married but in a free relationship with her husband. Orietta Berti called her a bee that goes to the most beautiful flowers in the garden.

However, from the study comes the rather virulent response from Cristina Quaranta who yells at her: “Orietta spoke of her like a bee. More than a bee you are a zwcca. You have to stay in your bed, you don’t have to share your bed with Antonino. You’re a tick, you’re ashamed, go back to your bed.” And he adds to the dose: “When Ginevra left the house, Antonino was in pieces. You bothered, but when Antonino has a problem he comes to see me to let off steam cause there’s a true, clean friendship You’re married, think about Brad Where’s your husband If you don’t want him, I’ll take him because he’s a millionaire so I’m quitting being a waitress “.

Cristina Quaranta – solocine.it

We will all watch how the case will be resolved: if Antonino is really in love with Ginevra or if he will succumb to the flattery of Giaele De Donà.

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