“I never said I was gay”, the former protagonist of Amici expresses himself in broad daylight: he is about to get married!



A beautiful wedding is preparing for a former protagonist of Amici di Maria De Filippi: a happy ending after the storm

The wedding is near and one of the protagonists of the previous editions of the talent contest announced it with great enthusiasm. No one thought of a happy ending like this, especially for the suffered love experienced over the years.


Amici di Maria De Filippi’s studio is tinting the colors of the LGBTQI+ flag with a new gay wedding on the horizon. Getting married is an old talent show acquaintance who, although she did not win the show, finishing second behind Alessandra Amoroso, marked an important page in the Canale 5 program. Valerio Scanu will soon marry Luigi Calcara , 32 years old from Castelvetrano who teaches electronic engineering at the Sapienza in Rome.

The video of the proposal published on Sunday evening immediately went viral and the singer was joined by Elvira Serra for the Corriere della Sera in which he explained why he had never openly declared to be homosexual: “I never wanted label me one way or another, least of all I thought I was exploiting a possible coming out to my advantage”.

Valerio Scanu talks about his relationship with Luigi

#ValerioScanu goes out asking for the hand of his beloved Luigi Calcara ❤️ best wishes to future spouses 💐 pic.twitter.com/Ut4hgFHMeq

— ApocaFede (@DrApocalypse) November 13, 2022

Valerio Scanu told the columns of Corriere della Sera that he needed to come out with his family at the age of 20: “I remember that the next morning, my father had to bring one of my friends back to school. ‘airport. At 6 a.m. she found him crying in the kitchen. He tried to console him: “Don’t do that, a lot of homosexual couples live happily ever after.” And him: ‘I’m crying at the thought that my son kept everything inside and feared that we wouldn’t like him’”.

His dad died two years ago, after falling ill with Covid, but he was lucky enough to know what his son’s husband will be: “They didn’t enter into great trust, like with my mother: now if Luigi goes to Sardinia for a conference, he comes to greet her even without me”. Only the mother, when she learned of the proposal, was “severe”: “After having made it, Saturday evening, Luigi’s birthday: I sent the video to the family chat. My mother told me that it was an important step, that we had to be sure, that she still wasn’t one after years. Leave alone. Fortunately my grandmother is a woman of spirit and she answered me: ‘In fact he left you'”.

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