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“I don’t want to take everything apart but…”: Adriana Volpe stabs Pamela Prati in the back



Beloved former Big Brother Vip columnist Adriana Volpe fires a shot at Pamela Prati who is currently in Italy’s most spied house. In practice, the presenter “would like to take everything apart”…

Adriana Volpe left the Big Brother Vip studio with regret but continues to follow the stories of the father of all reality TV shows. The presenter revealed who her favorite protagonist is, then dismantled the version of Pamela Prati that Canale 5 reality TV seems to want to offer to the public. But what are “things” really like?

Adriana Volpe fierce against Pamela PratiAdriana Volpe vs Pamela Prati

After being the protagonist as a contestant and acclaimed as a savvy and savvy columnist, Adriana Volpe was denied a contract renewal in favor of Orietta Berti. Moreover, the woman concealed that she reluctantly left Big Brother Vip and his very complex world inside and outside the house. After shooting zero on Antonino Spinalbese, Adriana also had her say on the presence of Pamela Prati in reality TV which during this edition, the seventh to be exact, releases some twists…

Pamela Prati still in the viewfinder

Week after week, it appears more and more clear that the editorial staff of the Canale 5 program is trying to dismantle the accusations of Pamela’s involvement in the Mark Caltagirone affair, making her appear as a pure victim of the online scam. complex that we now know practically all. . Very popular then was her long and compelling “question and answer” from a few episodes ago with Alfonso Signorini, who – basically – put her through real interrogation.

However, the other contestants aren’t entirely convinced and basically coexist quite peacefully with Prati but his past isn’t easy to explain. In addition, for many the Sardinian showgirl would not be a completely credible person after what has happened between interviews, leaks of programs and statements for many inexplicable. And even the two studio commentators don’t seem to have believed her…

The Fox does not save her

Adriana Volpe also feels that Prati isn’t completely innocent and, to Casa Chi, she confessed: “I’m not saving Pamela Prati. Are you sure you want to know my opinion? I wouldn’t want to dismantle all the work which is done in these episodes”.

Adriana Volpe fierce against Pamela PratiAdriana Volpe vs Pamela Prati

The presenter has – in essence – made it clear that she cannot view the former legendary Bagaglino star as innocent as – instead – she tries to do, despite Eliana Michelazzo’s latest interview with Verissimo. Meanwhile, the former columnist reveals that his favorite protagonist is Nikita Pelizon, who is a strong woman who can fight with a smile on her face and a lot of honesty.

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