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I Can’t Stop Watching This Double Speedbump Send Cars Flying



We can all bemoan poor road design when it comes to low bridges that attack passing trucks, or unnervingly narrow traffic measures. But, most of these destructive encounters with obstacles on the road are pretty avoidable incidents.

Such unfortunate encounters that leave destruction strewn across the road are pretty rare. Something that’s apparently a lot more common is drivers speeding across a pair of brutal double speed bumps in California.

Found in Fresno, California, these special speed humps comprise two 10-foot wide bumps that are each five inches high and separated by just 10 feet. For most drivers, easing off the gas and carefully driving over the humps grants them an easy passage. But not everyone drives like that, so a lot of people get caught out by the double bumps of doom.

In fact, it’s gotten so bad that residents local to the Fresno speed bumps have taken to filming some of the more embarrassing encounters drivers have with them. Thankfully, for anyone who enjoys watching a bit of automotive destruction, has spawned a YouTube channel and TikTok profile dedicated to the Fresno bumps.

We’ve been enthralled by these destructive traffic calming measures for some time now. So sit back, relax, and enjoy 16 drivers that probably wish they’d taken a different route to avoid these deadly double humps.

This article was most recently updated on 10/18/2022.

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