How Wakanda Changed Marvel Forever



Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has already nabbed the “blockbuster” title when it opened at the box office this weekend. Marvel gloats and breathes a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, the film opens a huge chasm within the MCU.

Marvel House with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, released on November 9, 2022 at the cinema, took a leap into the blue with impunity: the death of the main actor, Chadwick Bosemann, put a strain on the producers and screenwriters who when even chose to show the Wakandian funeral for their T’Challa. Choices that paid off: the film was a success at the box office and also artistically it does not disappoint. Could this film also be nominated by the Academy? For the moment we don’t know anything.

What is certain is that the film pays us a beautiful tribute to the character of T’Challa and also to the actor who played him, Chadwich Boseman, who died in 2020. The film also establishes a new scriptwriting order for Wakanda and throughout Marvel. universe and these changes are sure to have significant ramifications within the MCU. Moreover, the introduction of Riri Williams, played by Dominique Thorne, continues the so-called phase four: to bring out new heroes in order to establish the bases of a new generation. For all these reasons therefore, the Wakandan film is a “game changer”, both micro and macro.

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Soon we will also see what implications this situation will have on Riri Williams, who has already proven herself capable of designing a device capable of identifying vibranium. It should be noted that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever changed vibranium history forever. As Shuri explains, the meteorite composed of vibranium could have fallen not only in Wakanda, but also in different points of the globe.

A new Black Panther enters the scene. (Spoiler alert)

After T’Challa’s death, the country is left without a new protector. Ramonda will become the queen mother: for this reason, Wakanda has a sovereign but has lost its guardian, a character who has always been part of the country and who is also its representative figure. At first, without having access to the Heart-Shaped Grass as they are hereditary powers, Wakanda cannot crown his Black Panther. At first, we’ll see Shuri trying to build a fictional Heart Grass, hoping it will save T’Challa’s life, but he dies before she can get it to work properly.

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His research continues, but throughout the film he is unable to figure out the formula until the end. When he finally gets it all, he gives Wakanda his own Black Panther again and puts the role on his shoulders to fight Namor. The search for Shuri and the time the woman takes to solve it is not a random fact: it gives us the opportunity to see the changes that T’Challa’s death has caused and above all introduces us very delicately to her new predecessor. . It also gives the nation time to mourn its hero. In fact, it’s an honor for Shuri to wear her clothes without trying to imitate her.

On those notes, the geopolitical structure within the MCU has undergone circumstantial changes in the new Black Panther movie. The conflict between Atlantis and Wakanda over access to Vibranium. The United States between the two countries faces both Wakanda and Atlantis and who also compete between the two for access to the metal. We’ll see if a new “End Game” will come out of this conflict.

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