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How To Watch Movies Together With Friends Online: 5 Best Platforms Revealed



How To Watch Movies With Friends Online

We all have friends who live in another country, or we are not in the mood to go to the cinema. Even if you have a long-distance relationship we have got you covered. This news piece is for all movie and television series fans.

Why not host a movie night online if you’re planning to organize one? Nowadays, there are numerous platforms that allow you to watch movies from the comfort of your own home with your friends. It is now possible to watch movies together from a distance.

You won’t have to start the movie at the same time as your friends or be a little ahead or behind them. Because you can easily host a movie night with the help of these platforms. The benefit is that these platforms allow you to log in to streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, and many others.

If you and your friends both have a subscription, this platform might be the one for you. They all have distinctive features. You can now watch movies online with your friends using these watch party platforms.

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5 Easy-To-Use Platforms To Watch Movies Together With Your Friends Online

You can choose from the platforms mentioned below based on your requirements. We have compiled a list of five different options for you. Let’s get this party started.

1. Scener

Scener is not only one of the best platforms for watching movies online with your friends, but it is also one of the most popular. Users can connect to multiple streaming platforms, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Prime Video, and others, and watch movies or television shows in perfect sync.

Users can either host or join a watch party to watch together. “Scener lets you sync your viewing and socialize with others while using the same streaming services you know and love,” the platform says. Hosting and engaging in watch parties on the platform is completely free. However, there is one thing that users should be aware of.


Google Chrome is the browser that can access the website. Scener can be used anywhere in the world, even if your friend is in another country. A maximum of 10 people can join the party in a room, so you can watch it with a group of friends too.

2. Rave

Rave in another online platform for watching movies with your friends. The platform is absolutely free to use. You can even text your friends and talk to them through the voice system if you are in the same room. Furthermore, the platform has an app that makes it easier to use on a mobile phone.

On Rave, people listen to music from all over the world. If you don’t have a subscription to a streaming service but have the movie downloaded, you can watch it or share it on Google Drive for global movie nights.

The platform has received rave reviews from users. Rave supports YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, Google Drive, Google Photos, Vimeo, and other services. In most other platforms, the number of people who can join the watch party is limited, but in Rave, there is literally no limit.


The movie night can be attended by an unlimited number of friends. There’s even a private room for you and your friends, in addition to a public room that anyone can join. Sounds interesting? Join rave now. 

3. Teleparty

Teleparty is an exciting new way to watch movies with a friend virtually. Well, Teleparty adds group chat and synchronizes video playback to Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime. There’s more to Teleparty.

Users can experience HD video quality and quick buffering in each of their Teleparties on desktop and mobile. The platform is available in both browser and app form, making it easier for users to watch.

Concerning the number of participants, up to 1000+ friends can join the same Teleparty. That’s amazing, right?


4. Amazon Prime Watch Party

If you and your friends enjoy watching movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, you can simply use the platform’s watch party rather than third-party services. With Amazon Prime watch party users can find a bunch of channels of their choice at the same place.

While watching the movie, users can chat with up to 100 friends online. You can invite friends to the watch party by sending them a link. Yes, it’s that simple. 

Prime Video Watch Party

5. TwoSeven

What about a virtual night with your friends, partner, or coworkers? Then Twoseven is the platform for you. If you’re watching movies online on Twoseven, you can even use the live video facility.

It’s a lot more fun to watch a movie with friends and see their reactions to different scenes. The live cam option on Twoseven allows you to do just that. Twoseven provides access to streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Crunchyroll, and others. It’s one of the best sites for watching movies online.


If you liked our suggestions, stay tuned for more similar content. Meanwhile, don’t forget to mention your preferred streaming platform in the comments section. Happy Watching!

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