How to reduce the acidity of a tomato sauce: the trick is infallible



How can you remove the acidity from tomato sauce? Let’s face it, it’s not so obvious to know these easy tricks and methods to sweeten the unique and absolutely unmistakable flavor of tomato sauce, which sometimes, however, really risks having a slightly too acidic aftertaste. . Tomato sauce is one of the most used ingredients in the kitchen, thanks to its great versatility that makes it suitable for cooking many different dishes, more or less simple, ranging from pasta to tomato, fish or meat , even including appetizers. . In short, tomato sauce makes every dish special.

The tomato is the basic ingredient for the preparation of countless recipes and also gives a nice touch of color to our table, enhances the flavors of dishes and foods. To eliminate its acidity, it is enough to follow some advice of the grandmother in the matter.
It can happen that when eating tomato sauce, you feel an acidic, bitter taste that can bother the palate a little: this acidity is quite common both with tomatoes bought at the market and with canned ones.

The first method to try to eliminate the acidity of tomato sauce is to remove the skin. In the meantime, it is good to boil a pot full of water and, as soon as it reaches the boiling point, the tomatoes are submerged for a few minutes and then taken out one by one using a mesh strainer , they are placed in a pan of cold water and immersed to remove the thin layer of skin that covers them. Then, you have to cut the tomatoes into cubes to simmer them in a pot for about fifteen minutes and finally choose one of the tips that we are going to give you.

In some cases, just a pinch of sugar is enough to fix the situation but, if used in large quantities, it may change the taste of the tomatoes so the doses must be really minimal, just ½ teaspoon of sugar every 5 /6 tomatoes. An excellent solution is also baking soda which is used to make the sauce much sweeter. Also in this case, care must be taken to calibrate the doses, which must also be minimal here. When the sauce is about to boil, the baking soda is added slowly so that cooking helps it work, which will remove the acidity from the sauce without altering its fantastic flavor.

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