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How To Make Flapjacks: Healthy Quick Alternative To Granola Bars & Pancakes 



If you love granola bars, then you need to know about Flapjacks, more specifically about how to make flapjacks. Flapjacks are a healthier alternative to pancakes and granola bars and include flapjacks in your morning or evening healthy meals. We are going to describe how to make flapjacks most easily.

So, let’s dive into the article to list down all the ways to make flapjacks! 

How To Make Flapjacks In an Easy Way 

You must have been wondering about how to make flapjacks and, hence, why you landed here or if you have been wanting a healthy solution to your snack times cravings as well as your meal times. Flapjacks are a great alternative and preference over granola bars or pancakes. This doesn’t mean that flapjacks are like pancakes; in fact, they are a bit different; rather, flapjacks are more similar to granola bars but essentially made from oats. 

Flapjacks contain the majority ingredient of oats to shape into bar shapes like granola bars. The components of oats in flapjacks work to give you the health benefits of weight maintenance, blood sugar level control, releasing harmful toxins from the body, and giving you an energy-packed diet as well as keeping you away from hunger pangs for a longer time. 

You should know how to make flapjacks due to various reasons. Whether you are a parent who wants your school-going kids to always have a healthy snack when they get hunger pangs during studies, or you are an office-going or working individual anywhere who wants to eat a healthy option which also keeps you feeling full instead of relying on other unhealthy snacks. 

In these times when unhealthy snacks full of unnecessary calories with no beneficial component are glorified and made available, knowing how to make flapjacks for your snack or meal times at any time is the right way towards a conscious lifestyle.

Recipe Of How To Make Flapjacks

Now that you know about the reasons why flapjacks are necessary, let us write down the simplest and quickest recipe for how to make flapjacks for yourself at any time. 

The recipe we are listing below is the authentic one, and you don’t need to worry about any updates or unnecessary add to this recipe as we are including the classic way of how to make flapjacks. 

Now, flapjack’s recipe includes only four ingredients, and these four essential ingredients are easily available in the market globally no matter where you are, as well as their alternatives in case any of them are not available in your area. These ingredients of how to make flapjacks are also majorly found in our homes as well due to their large usage as healthy components.

Flapjacks Ingredients: 

● Butter (standard 250 gm or 8 oz) 

● Porridge Oats (standard 450 gm or 16 oz) 

● Brown Sugar (standard 250 gm or 8 oz) 

● Golden syrup (optional) (standard 4 tsp) 

Now, it’s important to remember to make flapjacks. You can increase or decrease the size of the above mentioned ingredients based on your preference of how many flapjacks you want to make. However the above standard given will make about 15 flapjacks that you can also cut and divide according to your preference of what size of bar you wish to make. 

How To Make Flapjacks Description 

Now, we are writing down a more detailed layout on how to make flapjacks with the ingredients mentioned for those of you who want a detailed descriptive account of how to make flapjacks. 

First Melting Butter/Margarine 

It’s essential to remember that first and foremost, you need to melt the butter or margarine you decide to use on low heat on the stove or microwave, whichever is available to melt it. This way, you can easily add the butter/margarine in liquid form to make flapjacks. 

This is added so that all the other ingredients become one in a gooey, chewable way!

Add Brown Sugar to the Heated Butter/Margarine 

Now, in the second step, it’s essential to remember that after your butter/margarine dissolves into liquid form on heat, you can mix in the brown sugar in the butter form and stir slowly to dissolve the sugar in the butter to make a mix. 

Add Porridge Oats to the Mix 

After following the above steps and having your heated mixture of sugar and butter, you can turn off the heat from the stove or microwave. In this third step, you will add the porridge oats to the heated mix and stir slowly to form the thick, gooey flapjacks in the form. 

Include Golden Syrup At Last 

Now, after you have added and can see the whole mixture of sugared butter and oats, you can also add the golden syrup if available. Stir the whole mixture gently and make the mixture by using a spoon or hands to mix.

Transfer The Flapjacks Mixture To Bake 

Now, after you have the mixture ready in thickness and texture, you need to transfer and lay the mixture on a baking tray. Remember to put butter paper or oil on the tray to make sure the mixture doesn’t stick to the tray after baking. 

While putting the flapjack mixture on the tray, make sure to flatten the corners so that you can level the mixture into a flat structure for baking. 

Bake The Flapjack Mixture 

Now afterwards put the baking tray with flapjack mixture on in the oven and set the timer to 20 minutes at least to be heated and baked to crisp. However, make sure to check just as the 20-minute timer reaches and confirm by seeing the texture of the mixture that it doesn’t harden and is chewable. If you notice that the flapjack mixture is hard, you need to take out the mixture immediately to save it from getting non-consumable further. 

Hence, to avoid this hard stage, you need to keep checking after every minute that the flapjack mixture remains soft. The hint that your flapjacks are ready to be taken out of the oven is that they will turn a golden brown shade indicating they have been baked enough and only crisp at the edges but soft overall to be edible.

Cut The Freshly Baked Flapjack Mixture 

Now, when you take out the tray from the oven, you can cut the mixture into equal-sized pieces like granola bars, or you can further cut them down to bite-sized pieces to have them in handy. It’s important to cut them while the mixture is still warm, as that will make it quick to cut and make precise pieces of flapjacks.

Leave The Tray Cut Mixture To Cool 

Now, after you have warmly cut the flapjack into pieces, you can leave the flapjack to cool down before taking it out. After the mixture is cool, you are safe to take them out as you will feel the texture of flapjacks similar to granola bars! 

Last Word 

The art of knowing how to make flapjacks has been simplified for you by us as we understand the need to have a healthier option in snack or mealtime consumption.

We hope the above article answers all your curiosity about how to make flapjacks most quickly!

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