‘How to hack your boss’: hilarious clip shows Thati Lopes in therapy at work [EXCLUSIVO]



CinePOP is releasing an EXCLUSIVE clip from the comedy “How to Hack Your Boss”, starring Victor Lamoglia and Thati Lopes, which opens June 4 on digital platforms.

An exclusive wave brings Guru Beni (Paulinho Serra) offers work therapy to de-stress his colleagues Victor (Victor Lamoglia), Mariana (Thati Lopes) and João (Esdras Saturnino).


In the plot, due to pest control at the AN&N company, the employees are at the home office. During a videoconference, Victor and João are chosen to update the presentation of the company. This simple task becomes a nightmare when, after celebrating his birthday, Victor, with a hangover, sends the wrong file: a presentation with compromising memes about the boss created by João. As soon as they realize the mistake, the two try different strategies to reverse the situation.

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