How to Choose the Right Size Fireplace for Your Home?



A fireplace gives warmth and beauty to your room’s interior. This quality requires special care when choosing one for your room or living room. The size of the fireplace is a significant measure to be considered. A large fireplace does not suit a small room and creates an awkward interior.

You should find a suitable size before arranging a suitable fireside for your location. You can go for a size and design of your choice according to the estimate. However, now scientific methods are available for calculating the right size. Normally, 1kW of heat is enough for a 10m2 area.

Method for correct size calculation of fireplace

To find the accurate size for suitable heating, you should find out the volume of your room where you are willing to install the fireplace. Use this formula for calculating minimum heat requirements.

Volume = length of room x width of room x height of room

Minimum Heat requirement in BTUs = Volume x 4

Following the easy method will help you with the right calculation.

Step one:

Take the measurement of your room’s length, width and height and calculate the inner volume of the room. The measurements should be in inches.

Step Two:

Calculate the room volume by multiplying the recorded measurements. It is the space you need to heat through a fireplace.

Room volume = length x width x height (All measured in inches)

Step Three

In this step, we’ll calculate the heat output needed for the room volume. Multiply the room volume by 4 to get the close least heat output in BTUs

Minimum thermal output (BTUs) = room volume x 4

This calculation will help you choose the right fireplace with the required thermal output. The market is overwhelmed with a large variety of designs and sizes. Ortal Fireplaces is renowned for offering a wide range of fireplaces to ornate your place.

Size is not the only factor; the design is also important, and it must beautify your environment and provide sufficient heat. However, people mostly use multiple heat sources for room warmth. In such cases, fireplace size becomes secondary, and the design’s beauty is prioritized.

Normal size range for Fireplaces

As rooms are of different sizes, companies offer a variety of sizes in fireplaces. Mainly you can find small, medium and large sizes in the market. Each has specific dimensions and heat output capacity. You can use your calculated BTUs to select the most suitable fireplace. The mediocre size of the fireplace lies between the range of 24″ x 24″ and 32’32’ x 48″; however, the physical size may be different. When you are using a fireplace only for aesthetic purposes, consider only the shelf’s size and check that fireplace covers a suitable part enhancing the appearance.


Fireplaces are a significant part of the home interior in cold areas as they add beauty and coziness. So, choosing the best size and design according to your place gives wonderful outcomes. It is better to go through the systematic method in choosing a suitable one for your home.

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