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How to choose a pure sine wave inverter charger or converter charger?



Pure sine wave inverter

A pure sine wave inverter converts direct current to alternating current. Unlike square wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters, pure sine wave inverters produce waveforms similar to those from commercial grid systems. They can drive various electronic devices, including inductive loads.

So, how to choose a pure sine wave inverter? We recommend that you consider five key factors:

1. The output power of the inverter

The output power of the power inverter should be greater than the sum of the rated power of the appliances you need to run simultaneously. So, first, determine the power requirements of your appliance. After determining the power demand, give the inverter a certain expansion value. We recommend an expansion value of about 1.2 times the power requirement.

2. Battery voltage

In addition to total output power, the battery voltage must be considered. If the battery voltage is 24 volts, choose a 24-volt pure sine inverter.

3. The conversion efficiency of the inverter

Pure sine inverters come in many forms with different capacities and different efficiencies. The inverter’s efficiency is a key factor that you should pay close attention to. The conversion from DC to AC typically generates heat and losses. Therefore, read the instructions carefully before buying a pure sine wave inverter. Inverters with conversion efficiency lower than 80% are not worth buying.

4. Running time

Run time refers to the time the inverter can run. This largely depends on the capacity of the leisure battery and the total power required to run the device. Please ensure the battery has enough power to run the inverter with the required electrical equipment.

5. Cost

The price of a pure sine wave inverter ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand. The most expensive inverter is not necessarily suitable, and the cheapest inverter is not necessarily the most economical. It is recommended that you consider your needs first and then consider the price. In any case, choosing a regular merchant with after-sales service is best.

What is the peak power of the inverter?

Peak power is instantaneous power, which means that the inverter’s maximum power can be output within a short period (usually within 20ms). Another parameter often mentioned in inverters is the rated power, which is the power that the inverter can output for a long time.

When selecting a frequency converter, the reference value of the rated power will be larger. If you need to drive electrical appliances with a rated power of 2000 watts, please choose an inverter with more than 2000 watts.

One thing to note is that if your electrical appliances are inductive loads with motors (such as refrigerators, washing machines, electric drills, etc.) when choosing an inverter, you must consider the peak power of the inverter. Because these inductive loads require a large current to start at the moment of starting, only when the peak power is greater than the starting power of the appliance can the appliance start normally.

What is the difference between a pure sine wave inverter, a square wave inverter, and a modified sine wave?

Inverters are mainly divided into three categories according to the waveform one is a pure sine wave inverter, the other is a modified sine wave inverter, and the other is a square wave inverter.

Square-wave inverters output poor-quality square-wave alternating current and their positive and negative peaks are generated almost simultaneously, which will damage the load and the inverter. Moreover, the load capacity of the square wave inverter is poor, only about half of the rated power, and it cannot carry an inductive load.

Compared with the square wave inverter, the modified sine wave inverter is slightly improved. Its positive and negative peaks are no longer generated simultaneously but for some time as a buffer. The modified sine wave inverter belongs to the square wave inverter category because the waveform it generates is still composed of broken lines like a square wave, and the continuity is poor.

The pure sine wave inverter outputs high-quality AC power, which can drive various loads and does not damage the load and inverter. Although pure sine wave inverters cost more than square wave and modified sine wave inverters, we still recommend choosing pure sine wave inverters whenever possible.

How many batteries do I need for a 3000-watt charging inverter?

To calculate the number of batteries required for a 3000W high-power charging inverter, we can use the formula – continuous use time of equipment * equipment power = total power, total power / DC voltage = required current.

For example, if the total power of your electrical equipment is 2000 watts, the continuous use time is 3 hours, and the battery voltage is 12v, then 2000 watts*3h=6000 watts, 6000 watts/12v=500Ah, 500Ah is the required amperage. The algorithm drains the battery, and draining the battery frequently reduces battery life. In general, we recommend a depth of discharge of 50%. Hinton recommends using this formula to divide the result by 50% when selecting the battery capacity.

In addition, to equip the inverter with batteries also needs to select the number of batteries according to the adapter voltage of the inverter, and the DC output voltage of the inverter must match the voltage of the battery.

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