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How To Change iPhone name & Why 2024



Are you perplexed about how to change your iPhone name? There are various reasons why you might want to. 

Whether it is your brand-new iPhone or your regular one, we will fill you in on how to change your iPhone name. We all desire that our iPhones have their own unique names and not those assigned by a bot. So, it’s only reasonable that you know the exact way to change yours to the name you want. 

Why Should You Change Your iPhone’s Name? 

It’s okay if you consider yourself non-techy or unfamiliar with the nature of your iPhone’s settings. Because not everyone can know their phone’s from inside that deep. 

Your iPhone’s name is its identity wherever you use and connect it. You can choose to give it a distinctive name so that you can recognize it as your iPhone. There are various times when you will appreciate this feature of giving your iPhone a name. Like the time when you are using the personal hotspot feature and your iPhone’s name will be on display for others to recognize as yours. Furthermore, your iPhone should have a personalized name so that you can identify it on apps such as the Find My iPhone app. 

More importantly, the feature of AirDrop on your iPhone will show your iPhone’s name as well. As you transfer files like the old Bluetooth way but through AirDrop your iPhone’s name will be on the display when connected. So changing your iPhone’s name to the one you want to give it is not only helpful but fun too.

It is a creative thing to be able to change your phone’s name quickly whenever you want to. It can also be a reliable feature when you want to hide your iPhone from other devices. This will let you hide your identity sometimes when features like AirDrop are active.

Another reason to give your iPhone its own unique name is that nowadays there are so many iPhones that recognizing yours would become simpler. As many Apple devices will show up with the standard name of “iPhone.” However, when you change it to something you like, you’ll be able to see it with that name on iCloud or your Apple ID

So, there are some simple steps you need to take to personalize your iPhone’s name to your liking.

How Do You Change Your iPhone’s Name? 

There are a few swift steps you can perform to change it whenever you want to. 

Step 1: 

Open your iPhone and tap open the “Settings” option. 

Step 2: 

Then, tap open the “General” menu, followed by the “About” option! 

Step 3: 

Tap on the option “Name” and edit it to change your iPhone’s name. 

Watch Video For More Details :

After you have changed the name, it will show up immediately without any other hassle. It is not a lengthy process as you might think it is for your iPhone. The phone updates the name as soon as you press “done.” The best part is that you can update the name again whenever you want to.

So, without further ado, change your iPhone’s name and make it your own!

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