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How to change a diaper – Step by Step Guide in 2023



How to change a diaper

A newborn has always been an absolute pleasure in parents’ lives especially if it’s your first one. Finally, those days are over when you are waiting to hold your little one’s hands. We all love to enjoy these memories. 

Apart from these excitements, there are some hurdles for first-time parents. All those sleepless nights, feeding, and diaper changing seem difficult at first. However, don’t worry there is no harm in learning new things especially if it’s about your cutie pie.

If you are a newly born parent and regretting about not changing your little one’s diaper don’t panic. The simple task seems daunting at first but with the right technique, you will be able to change a diaper with a whole new outfit.

We have compiled a list of a step-by-step guide on how to change a diaper without a mess. So stay with us till the end and make sure to follow all the steps for a hassle-free nappy-changing routine.

Things you need for Diaper Changing

If you’re new to diaper changing, it’s essential to know what you need. Here’s how to change a diaper with ease.

  1. Choose the Right Diapers

When you are using Diapers make sure to opt for a quality brand as it’s about the health of your little one. The cheap product available in the market leads towards a bad experience for your infant. 

As a first-time mom, I prefer diapers with high elasticity that won’t harm your baby’s skin or cause a rash. Also, don’t forget to choose the diaper with the right stickiness and size as a bad choice will cause leakage and unnecessary mess.

  1. Use Good Quality Wipes

The next product on our list is baby wipes which help wipe your little one’s butt. Nowadays there are many gentle wipes present in the market which are specifically designed for newborns. You can buy from known brands which lack harsh ingredients in their products.

Also, look for extra gentle baby wipes so your little one doesn’t develop a rash or burning sensation in his bumps or thigh area.

When you are changing diapers also have one packet in your hand as these wipes are not only good for your butt, but they also provide extra care to other parts of the body.

  1. Changing Pad 

Newborns are very sensitive to allergies and rashes so it’s your duty to provide them with a hygienic environment especially when you change his/her diaper. 

For that, you need a clean changing pad to lay down your baby. Always look for one that absorbs moisture and is gentle on your baby’s skin.

  1. Clean Soft cloth in Luke’s warm water

Diaper changing can be a hassle if you are not maintaining hygiene. As a mom, I prefer to use a clean cloth dipped in lukewarm water to remove excess from my baby’s genital area. 

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This type of clean cloth can be used after wiping it with baby wipes which ensures you are cleaning your baby carefully. You can also use a soft dry cloth to clean the rest so your baby won’t feel wet all the time.

How to change a diaper step by step

In this guide, learn how to change a diaper step by step, ensuring your baby stays clean and comfortable.

Step 1- Look for the Safe Flat Surface

Changing a diaper on the right surface is the most crucial step. Always look for a flat surface or a changing table to prevent injuries.

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If you are changing the diaper in bed make sure to stay with your infant so he won’t fall off the bed. Infants keep scrolling so this safety precaution is a must in the diaper-changing process.

Step 2- Set your baby’s Position

Once you have found your preferred safe place lay your baby on the back of the changing table and spread his legs to start the process. Remove the tape on both sides of the diaper if your little one is already wearing it.

Step 3- Wipe the Area

Once you are done taking out other clothes and diapers and if you notice your baby just pooped or peed it’s time to wash the skin folds. If the waste is not too much, use gentle baby wipes to clean the bottom area with soft baby wipes that are not harsh on your infant’s skin. Remember to wipe front to back as this is the ideal cleaning method.

Step 4 – Use Rash Ointment

We all know newborns have sensitive skin. Even gentle wipes and diapers or excess heat can irritate their genitals which is not a pleasurable feeling for your little one. If your little one has any sort of rash or redness in the area when you change his diaper, you should apply a rash cream recommended by your doctor. I use Rashnil, which works well for my kids.

You can use the one that suits your baby’s body and apply it to the affected area for fast recovery. Remember not to put these ointments inside as these creams are intended for use only on external wounds and rashes.

Step -5 Remove the Tape from Diaper

The diaper has two winglets on the left and right sides. Remove those tapes and hold the upper side in front. Now it’s time to stick the stretchy tape on both sides which must be attached to the front of the diaper.

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Remember not to stick tape too loose or too tight, as it must be uncomfortable for your baby. The most effective way to ensure your diaper is sealed correctly is to run your finger between his stomach and through the diaper.

As a result, your baby will have a great sleeping experience and leaks will be prevented.

Diaper Changing Tip for Girls:

If you have a baby girl make sure to wipe her bum from front to back. This helps to prevent Urinary Tract Infections which are very common in girls since the vaginal area is sensitive and susceptible to infection very easily.

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