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How to Budget for a Weekend Away



If you’re planning to take a trip during an upcoming weekend, then it’s important to get the budget right. If you fail to manage your money properly, then you might end up spending more than you’re really comfortable with. This might cast a little bit of a shadow over the break, and cause you stress over the ensuing months, as you play catch-up.

Plan ahead

The further in advance you plan your holiday, the easier it will be to make it affordable. It’s often a good idea to sit down in January and plan when and where you’d like to take the trip. Look at the bank holidays and half-term breaks, and set aside those weekends accordingly. If you need to book holiday time at work, you’ll stand a greater chance of success if you ask early on.

Pick your destination

There are certain parts of the world that will require significant expense to reach and enjoy. On the other hand, there are some destinations that cost relatively little. In terms of the quality of experience, the difference between the two isn’t always as extreme as the difference in price might suggest. In other words, you don’t always get what you pay for.

If you’re looking to limit your costs, then a destination in the UK might be advisable. You can book your transport in advance, and save a considerable amount. If you’re heading for a city break in Wales, for example, you might book a train to Cardiff.

Look for accommodation deals

Certain kinds of accommodation are naturally more affordable than others. A hotel will tend to be more expensive than a tent, for example. Find a compromise that suits your budget. There are thousands of campsites across the UK, and many offer facilities that compare favourably with the average hotel, motel or bed and breakfast.

You can often save on accommodation if you’re sharing the premises with friends or family. Pick out a place that can host all of the people you’re travelling with, and split the cost that way. Be sure that your accommodation is within easy reach of the attractions you’d like to visit – that way you aren’t going to be spending extra on transport.

Search for affordable dining

Unless you want to go super-thrifty and prepare packed lunches for every day, you’ll need to do your research and look for some low-cost dining options. Look for discounts and see if you can save by dining as a large group.

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