How much Nutella to eat without gaining weight? Here is the answer



Nutella is the cream spread par excellence, therefore, it is also the most loved in the world. Do you think that in reality this spreadable cream has been imitated many times not only in our country, but also in others. But despite this, the flavor of the original Nutella is still different and unmistakable. When it comes to Nutella, one of the questions that always comes up is the right amount to eat when you’re on a diet.

At first glance, the most obvious answer is that obviously since it is a chocolate spreadable cream it is impossible that it can be introduced into a diet, but be careful because it is not so , by continuing to read you will better understand what it is and finally you can eat it without guilt. Before satisfying your curiosity, you must first go in search of the main ingredient of the spreadable cream, I am referring to the Langhe hazelnut.

Indeed, not everyone knows that this type of hazelnut often fits easily into certain slimming programs, just like other types of dried fruit. However, it must be said that even if on the one hand the main component of the cream spread is authorized when dieting, on the other hand it must be said that the other ingredients used cannot really be defined as excellent allies of our lineage. Indeed, in our beloved cream spread in question, there are a lot of sugars and also saturated fats.

To better understand ourselves, let’s say that for 100 grams of Nutella our body absorbs about 500 calories and even from these data alone we can well understand that this is a very high income, especially for those who are on a diet or have a very slow metabolism. So that said, we can conclude by saying that in principle, when you are on a diet, you can indulge in a teaspoon of Nutella per week, but I advise you not to exceed this threshold, especially if the subject is affected other pathologies such as diabetes.

In any case, it would be best to ask your trusted nutritionist directly whether or not it is appropriate to introduce Nutella into your diet, precisely because each case must be considered individually. In any case, we are sure that the doctor will find the right way to insert this type of low calorie food once a week, without doing too much damage.

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