How much money should you take for Umrah?



Umrah is one of the Sunnahs of our beloved Prophet; it brings great rewards and benefits. A Muslim is allowed to perform Umrah more than once in their life. Pilgrims are investing their time and money in Allah’s cause, so Umrah is also viewed as protection from the difficulties of life. When organizing a trip for Umrah, it is crucial to carefully manage your finances. Only then you can focus on the spiritual experience of visiting the house of Allah. Pilgrims can also make a budget before leaving for Saudi Arabia. In all Muslim countries, there are different umrah packages available; pilgrims should select the one that suits them.

How much money should be taken for Umrah?

Everyone has different expenses and ways of spending, so the amount of money you take for Umrah totally depends on you. It is advised for pilgrims to take 200 pounds in riyals from England and exchange the rest of the money in Saudi Arabia. Pilgrims can receive better exchange rates in Saudi Arabia. How much cash pilgrims should take for umrah also depends on the amount you have paid in advance and how much is left. In Saudi Arabia, pilgrims have to pay SAR 607 for their own essential items. Pilgrims should carry between SAR 1,000 and SAR 3000 in cash. They can exchange their money at the airport or at money changers in Makkah and Madinah.

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Take at least 1000 Saudi Riyals

Pilgrims can carry at least 2000 riyals, which will help them with their basic expenses. Pilgrims can also withdraw money by using debit or credit cards if their money runs out.

Pilgrims will need to spend some additional money on the following items

Once pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia, they will need to spend some additional money on the following items:

SIM cards

It is important to keep in touch with family via phone calls and texts while on a pilgrimage. In many Saudi Arabian hotels, free Wi-Fi is available. Sim cards are available at airports upon arrival; the price depends on how much you use your phone. It is must for a traveler to buy one SIM card to register with the Tawakkalna and Eatmarna apps and to connect with their friends and family.


You will need to buy food for yourself in Makkah if free food is not in your package. You will not have to pay much for it. So bringing some cash for food and water is also essential. Eating is important for survival. The atmosphere in Makkah is hot; pilgrims need to stay hydrated while performing Umrah, and so they should have some cash on hand for daytime snacks and beverages.


Pilgrims also need some additional money for shopping. After performing Umrah, many pilgrims bring dates and gifts for their families. Shopping totally depends on pilgrims; some view it as a crucial part of Umrah, while some don’t take interest in this. If you have money, you can spend it according to your budget.

Cargo or extra luggage

When departing for home country, pilgrims are restricted to carry a certain amount of luggage on the flight. Otherwise they will have to pay for any additional luggage.

Individual taxis

There are different ways to get from Jeddah airport to Makkah by bus, train, or taxi. Taxis are convenient for pilgrims who are traveling with a large family and a lot of luggage. The cost of the taxi ride will be SAR100 to SAR300 from Jeddah airport to Makkah. If your accommodation is far from Masjid Al Haram, You will also need money for transportation.

Pilgrims should take 1000 riyals in cash; they will need this for different causes. Before performing the Umrah, pilgrims should set up a budget and allocate their funds accordingly. Because Saudi Arabia is an expensive place, take some money with you for precautions and concentrate on your spiritual development.


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