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How Many Hours a Day Should I Chew Gum to Get a Chiseled Jawline?



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A strong, defined jawline boosts confidence. Genetics and body composition influence the shape and appearance of the jawline. However, if you do not have a pristine jawline, you may seek hacks to achieve a unique jawline.

There’s a lot you can do to enhance what nature gave you. For example, jawline exercises and facial massage contribute to a more defined jawline. One way of exercising your jawline is through chewing. But does chewing gum help your jawline? Read on to find answers. 

The Relationship Between Chewing and Jawlines

Chewing is an active action that uses the masticatory muscles. These muscles are crucial since they connect the lower jaw to your cheek bones.

Chewing exercises facial muscles to give you a defined jawline. It strengthens cheekbones and chin muscles by increasing pressure and size. This tightens the facial skin around the jaw, highlighting the perfect jawline.

Chewing gum alone may not provide immediate results. It may take time for positive changes to appear.

Types of Chewing Gum for a Sharp Jawline 

Did you know that not all gum is the same? For example, traditional chewing gums engage your jaw muscles. However, they do not give you the muscle exercise you want. There are other gum options that provide a more intense workout. They also produce faster benefits. 

Here are common chewing gum types available in grocery and convenience stores.

  1. Traditional gum: This is your typical chewing gum. It is widely available and ideal chewing gum for daily jaw exercise. However, ensure you choose a sugar-free gum for optimal oral health. Sweet chewing increases dental decay and cavities risk.
  2. Mastic gum: Mastic gum is derived from the mastic tree. It is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Studies show it protects dental health by reducing bacteria levels. It also aids in gastrointestinal issues. However, it is harder than regular chewing gum adding resistance. This makes it a better option for strengthening and creating bigger muscle mass.
  3. Falim gum: Falim is chewier and cheaper than mastic gum. It is Turkish gum with a softer texture and offers a variety of flavors.


Spot reduction is impossible. To achieve a better jawline, it is advisable to chew gum for a few minutes daily. The recommended chewing time depends on the type of gum. Harder gums provide better workouts, while soft ones allow extended chewing without soreness. Also, note that losing extra face fat results from reducing body fat. However, it requires a caloric deficit to lose body weight. Excessive chewing is not recommended and can be harmful. 

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