How long should spaghetti cook? Here is the expert’s answer



Spaghetti was born in the city of Naples and gave it that name in 1842, Antonio Viviani, because it looked like little pieces of string. Thanks to their traditional small diameter, intermediate in the world of all long pasta, they are among the most versatile formats.
The secret of the incomparable quality of the spaghetti is certainly the careful selection of fine durum wheat grains grown throughout Italy in a more full-bodied form and precisely designed to give the spaghetti a balanced thickness and an extraordinary consistency.

Spaghetti is certainly ideal and irresistible with tomato sauce, oil and basil, but it is also excellent alla puttanesca or a very tasty recipe based on black olives, anchovies, capers and tomatoes. But what we want to know is what is the ideal cooking for an excellent preparation of spaghetti, so we asked an expert to give us some tips and advice on the subject.

1.The first fundamental rule, but which also applies to all other types of pasta, is to choose a good quality one, the spaghetti must in fact be artisan, possibly obtained with 100% Italian flours.
2.The water to cook them must be abundant and not particularly salty, since usually the cooking ends in the pan with the sauce that accompanies them.
3. The pot that contains them must be high and not low, it must above all be either very high or very wide, so that the spaghetti can thus be lowered much more easily into the cooking water.
4. A common habit for many is to break the spaghetti in half to make it fit better in the pot but in reality you never have to do this and it is actually sacrilege. Spaghetti should be well cooked as is, without applying variation.
5. As for cooking times, they usually range from eight minutes to ten minutes. But the suggestion we want to give you is to check the exact time suggested by the pasta production factory and take it from a minute, a minute and a half, in order to obtain an optimal result. If, for example, the ideal eight minutes is indicated on the packaging, the best thing is to cook the pasta for only five minutes, then toss it in the sauce for about two minutes and the dish will be perfectly ready to be served. .

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