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How Is A HEPA Filter Different Than Regular Filters?



The air we breathe is one of the most essential things in life. A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is one of the most popular items on the market, especially among allergy sufferers, in the never-ending quest for cleaner air.

Keep reading to learn what you should look for in a HEPA air purifier and what you should know before purchasing an appliance with HEPA filtration if you’re hoping to enhance the indoor air quality in your home. Airconservicing can also help you out in deciding whether to buy HEPA filter or not. 

Learn About HEPA Filters:

An HEPA filter is one that effectively removes particles from the air. The standard for a real HEPA product is the ability to filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. HEPA filters must be 99.97 percent effective to be certified as such. This is efficient enough to filter out the vast majority of airborne contaminants.

Because of the unique behavior of particles less than 0.3 microns in size, HEPA filters are superior at trapping even the smallest of airborne pathogens, such as viruses. Conventional forced-air heating and cooling systems cannot use true HEPA filters without extensive modifications to the underlying machinery. If you want to modify your aircon, can help.

They won’t fit in the regular air filter compartment, and a stronger blower or air handler will be needed to keep air moving through the dense filtration material. 

Why Is It Important To Filter Out Such Minute Airborne Particles?

The impact of breathing in minuscule particles in the air, which are too tiny to be detected with the human eye, can be devastating for people who already suffer from respiratory disorders like asthma or allergens.

The nose and throat are responsible for filtering out irritants like dust, pollen, and mold spores, and the like, which can produce a wide range of symptoms in those who are susceptible to them. These larger particles are easily removed by a HEPA filter.

With a diameter of only 10 microns, PM 10 particles are able to penetrate the protective mucus coating of the throat and enter the lungs. Particles as small as PM2.5, having a diameter of only 2.5 microns, can enter the alveoli in our lungs and do significant damage.

It has been determined that particles with a width of 0.3 microns are the most difficult to remove from the air. Since a HEPA filter can eliminate 0.3 millimeter particles with a 99.97% efficiency rate, it can do an even better job of clearing the air of bigger allergens like pollen and PM10 and PM2.5.

Benefits of Using HEPA Filters:

HEPA filters are the industry standard for filtration systems used in healthcare facilities. Reason being, more dangerous microorganisms and inorganic dust in the air are both removed by more effective air filters. Airborne pathogens include things like bacteria, viruses, dust mites, mold spores, and pollen.

Standard filters, such as those made of fiberglass, employ flat media, but HEPA filters use thick, pleated material. An HVAC technician who specializes in fixing air conditioning systems says this is done to make the filters last longer and have a larger surface area for filtering. Improved filtration also helps maintain a clean and damage-free interior throughout the year.

When you buy a HEPA filter, you’re getting technology that has passed rigorous testing and meets all applicable regulations. So you can be sure that even the tiniest airborne particles will be captured by the filter.

Air filtering is often disregarded despite the fact that indoor air frequently contains several allergies and toxins. You may get rid of these harmful particles from the air you’re breathing by using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

Replace Your HEPA Filter Often:

Dense HEPA filters are more prone to clogging than standard filters because they collect so many airborne particles. However, you should anticipate to replace HEPA filters at least twice as frequently as you would replace non-HEPA filters, and this is regardless of the appliance in question or the amount of air being sucked through the filter (or the level of dirtiness of the air).

Upkeep of Ventilation Systems:

All of the air that cools and warms your home must flow through the HVAC filters, so keeping them clean and free of dust is essential. Filters that are dirty or clogged prevent the air from flowing properly, which can lead to a host of problems for your machinery. Your HVAC system will wear out significantly faster even if you invest in HEPA filters if you don’t change them on a regular basis.

Contaminants can build up in the ducts and HEPA filters can lose their effectiveness if the air filters are dirty. Once this begins, your normal energy use will double, and your energy costs will skyrocket. Prevent the hassle of fixing broken HVAC units by scheduling a seasonal inspection and maintenance appointment.

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