How Did The Professional Wrestler Jeff Gaylord Die?



Jeff Gaylord, a former football player who transitioned to wrestling, passed away at the age of 64. He was a defensive end in the Canadian Football League and the United States Football League. Read on to find out more about his life and work accomplishments.

What happened to Jeff Gaylord?

Recently departed Jeff Gaylord was active in the WCCW, USWA, and GWF until his untimely death. His brother announced his passing on his official Facebook profile, writing:

After a brief illness, I must tell you that my brother, Jeffrey Scott Gaylord, has died away. He was 64. The football team he played on at Shawnee Mission South won the state championship. After several years of professional football, he earned his degree.

Jeff pursued a career in show business and spent several years as a professional wrestler. He recently helped the homeless in Denver by giving them warm clothing as part of his church’s outreach efforts.

We are happy knowing that Jeff is experiencing the Divine Gift of Eternal Life, despite our deep sadness at his passing.

Death of Jeff Gaylord

Official accounts indicated Gaylord passed away following a brief illness. The circumstances of Gaylord’s passing remain unknown. He passed away on March 15 2023.

Information about Jeff Gaylord’s life and background

On October 15, 1958, he entered the world in Des Moines, Lowa. Shawnee Mission South, where he played, ended up as the champions of Kansas. After a vehicle accident that left him with serious injuries in 1977, he spent his first year at Mizzou in a redshirt.

During his run for office in 1981, he rose to prominence.

Professional wrestling history of Jeff Gaylord

In October of 1985, he debuted as a professional wrestler in San Antonio. As his football career ended, he decided to pursue something else. While training at a gym, he ran upon Scott Caseya and Tom Jones.

A quote from Gaylord: “They trained me in a tin cabin in 100 degree temperatures…” There was no wind and no rain. After only four months of classes, I knew everything I needed to.

Tiger Williams among many paying tribute to Jeff Gaylord online
Collaboration while based in Paragould, AR. There was much ado over nothing more than which of the two men was the genuine Tiger. As far as I’m concerned, all I need to say is that he was a fantastic human being…

In the words of Shawn Williams
The family is in my prayers. Early in my career is when I first met him. He was kind and accommodating. A decent guy.

A.K.A. Ricky Parker
I knew him quite well in the 1990s, and he was a terrific human being. We are saddened by his passing but inspired by the man he became.

Rest in peace, sibling.

In the words of Richard Volk

Jeff was a nomad with a drug problem because he needed relief from the chronic agony of his sporting injuries.

Indeed, Jeff did come to faith in Christ and devote his final years to serving Denver’s homeless population by providing food and clothing.

Pray for his soul to find eternal rest.

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