How could the alleged Disney deal extend Chespirito legacy?



One day after having completed 50 years of existence, the universe of Chaves returned to the Brazilian news following information from the Argentinian newspaper Clarin. According to the article, Grupo Chespirito, directed by Roberto Gómez Fernández, son of Roberto Bolaños, has reached an agreement with Disney to make a remake of the series broadcast exclusively on Disney +.

The idea of ​​having a new version of the Chaves gang is old, but it suffers from the difficulty of financing itself because of the fights of the Chespirito group with Televisa. This fight, in fact, meant that “CHverso” productions were no longer airing in Brazil in 2020. The decision caused much controversy and discontent among fans. However, if the announcement of the partnership takes place next week, fans will likely have a lot to celebrate.

This is because Disney wants to retain its audience in Latin America, so it is a great initiative to bet on a group that has enjoyed undeniable success for decades, in several countries, and which has an assiduous fan base. Therefore, it is expected that they will make available all episodes of Chaves, Chapolin, Chespirito and other great productions of the universe in the Disney + catalog. It would be a positive thing for fans, who are now looking for either lost episode on YouTube or old DVD collections.

In addition, information from Clarín indicated that Disney would invest in a remake of the series called A Vila do Chaves. A new production that would feature children rather than adults, like in the original series, and have two seasons confirmed, and could expand to more depending on audiences. This is the controversial point so far. La Grace de Chaves was a simple but intelligent humor that masterfully addressed the simplicity and difficulties experienced in virtually every country in Latin America, such as poverty, the arrival of new technologies and a type of innocence very characteristic of this second. half of the 20th century. Having a new production will require that the creative team understand very well the current context in which countries live and know how to transcribe them in a type of humor that is also suitable for children today. It’s hard work to do, but it can spawn something brilliant or just another silly series. The point is, some fans will complain, especially when they start sharing behind-the-scenes footage

But the world of Chespirito is full of characters that can give rise to new series that are really promising. It’s no secret that one of the Chespirito group’s biggest dreams is to save Chapolin Colorado, especially in this decade when heroes are on the rise. There is a project that has been shelved for years in an animated series that could get the nod with this partnership. Likewise, a live-action movie of the character has been announced in 2020, but with no release date. If the partnership is successful, the chances of exploring the Chapolin universe, including 3D animation and cinema, are gigantic.

The only problem is that Super Sam (Ramón Valdés) would probably no longer be used due to Warner’s copyright on the Superman symbol. Yes, “time is money“.

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Finally, dreaming further, “CHverso” begins with humorous images in the form of sketches for adults. With the future arrival of Star +, Disney’s streaming aimed at adult audiences, it would be very interesting for them to invest in the rescue of Los Supergenios de la Mesa Cuadrada.

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