House of the Dragon, the story of the dragon Vermithor: who is he?



House of the Dragon introduced a new century-old dragon, whose symbolic value could help Rhaenyra in her quest to regain the throne. But what is Vermithor’s story? Who owned it long ago? And why is it so important to the story?

House of the Dragon has featured about a dozen dragons so far, but in the season finale, it brought viewers’ attention to a century-old creature whose meaning could be extremely valuable to the Dark Queen. Suppose, to follow, there will be spoilers related to the first season of the fantasy television series. If you haven’t finished watching, please come back to this article later.

Dragon House

After doing the necessary premise, we can move on to one of the most important reveals of the season finale. Now that the civil war between Targaryen is taking shape, Daemon tries to reason with his wife, explaining that despite having few men, they have a sizable squadron of dragons on their side. And, as if that weren’t enough, Daemon attempts to secure another, who appears in one of the final scenes. His name, although not officially introduced during the episode, is Vermithor. Who is he and what would be his role in the second season of House of the Dragon?

House of the Dragon Presents Vermithor: Who’s the Final Scene Dragon

Although HBO renewed the TV series for a second season almost immediately, the new episodes will not arrive until 2024. A very long wait for viewers, interspersed with many theories. A fact concerns the dragon introduced in one of the last scenes of the season finale. After Alicent ascends her son Aegon II to the throne, ousting Rhaenyra (and misunderstanding Viserys’ words and will), Daemon is more determined than ever to make him pay. And so it is that he enters the caves of Dragon Mountain in Dragonstone singing a song, a sort of High Valyrian lullaby.

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As the warrior Targaryen explained, many horseless dragons lurk on the island. If they could dominate them, they would surely have a big advantage over the Greens and could easily conquer Port-Réal. Daemon encounters one of the wild dragons, which breathes fire as soon as it enters. It is a giant century-old creature with sharp teeth whose name is Vermithor. This was confirmed by HBO via Twitter.

Dragon House

In the episode, in fact, his name is not pronounced. Also nicknamed the Bronze Fury, this dragon is 100 years old in George RR Martin’s novel Fire and Blood which the show is based on. Despite the grandeur, the largest dragon sighted in Westeros still remains Vhagar, who ended up in the hands of Aemond Targaryen. Although the greatest of all is Balerion ridden by Aegon I, the Conqueror.

Vermithor’s story: who is he?

Vermithor is nicknamed the Bronze Fury because of his color, a mixture of sand and bronze that shimmers in the darkness of the cave. This dragon is 100 years old, but once belonged to King Jaehaerys I. Son of Aenys, himself son of Aegon I Targaryen, he was first ousted by his brother Maegor, but after his death (he was assassinated) he ascended the throne of The Swords becomes King of the Seven Kingdoms. Known as a peaceful king, as a 50-year peace was established under his leadership, Jaehaerys I has been accompanied since birth by his dragon egg. Each Targaryen child, indeed, traditionally comes into the world with a dragon already assigned (in the hope that the egg will hatch). And that dragon is Vermithor. Her sister Rhaena placed the egg in her cradle and, when it hatched, established an immediate bond with Jaehaerys.

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However, after the king’s death, Vermithor preferred to hole up in the caves of Dragon Mountain and has been in hiding ever since, allowing no one to dominate it. Deamon’s enterprise is therefore desperate, but of high symbolic value. Especially since, if he really succeeded, it would make his wife’s intention more legitimate.

Demon Targaryen

What does it mean? When Otto Hightower arrived at Dragonstone to demand Rhaenyra’s surrender, he explained to her that every symbol of legitimacy is on Aegon II’s side (the Conqueror’s crown, Blackfyre’s sword, and Valyrian’s steel dagger). For her part, Rhaenyra has only her father’s crown. But if he also tamed Vermithor, who had remained hidden since Jaehaerys’ death, he would add a strong symbol of legitimacy to his repertoire.

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