House of the Dragon 2, in preview Rhaenyra, Daemon and Alicent



What will happen in the second season of House of the Dragon? HBO timely renewed the prequel TV series, but what are the plans for the future? To reveal some details the showrunner and the screenwriter of the story, telling how the relations of Rhaenyra will evolve, first of all with Daemon but also with the queen mother Alicent.

House of the Dragon quickly gained international interest. Since its debut, with the first episode, the Game of Thrones prequel TV series has broken a major record that prompted HBO to renew it almost immediately for a second season. The curiosity of those who perhaps like this series more than Game of Thrones is the possible plot of the new episodes. What do we know?

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Let’s assume that afterwards there may be spoilers related to the first season which saw the grand finale – spoiled at that – airing tonight. Showrunner Ryan Condal teased more about what we’ll see next season, specifically Alicent and Rhaenyra’s relationship.

House of the Dragon 2, progress: Rhaenyra between Alicent and Daemon

The showrunner has only one word to define what will happen next season: “Complex”, this is the picture that is painted before his eyes. According to Ryan Condal, the first season served to kick off a bloody party that has yet to happen. “The reason I wanted to investigate this aspect is because I wanted everyone to understand who these characters were and the long story behind them that got us to this point. against each other”. Since its creation, House of the Dragon has made no secret of its intentions: as in the novel, the goal is to explain how House Targaryen fell into ruin. And, to do this, the plot must necessarily tell this Dance of the Dragons, which we have repeatedly mentioned in the parent series.

Dragon House

Reflecting on the second season, the showrunner emphasized how important it was to introduce the dynamic between the two families, the adversarial relationship between Rhaenyra and Alicent. “My interest is to bring together all these characters that we introduced, especially the families of Rhaenyra and Alicent, and see what happens now that we’ve flipped the board and knocked the pieces over on the floor. How will they react? That’s the story we want to tell in the second season.”


Thinking with a big picture, the showrunner told EW that the second season will further expand the slate and tell stories that will come to life in different settings, like it happened in Game of Thrones. “The season we’re writing this show, the beats of this show will be much more like an in-between season – Game of Thrones seasons 3-6 – in scope, breadth and number of characters.” There will be more characters to explore, but the pivot will remain the relationship between Alicent and Rhaenyra. “It’s not the story of the Starks against the Lannisters. It’s an extended family that fights with each other, “says the showrunner.

Dragon House

And what will happen between Rhaenyra and Daemon? The couple is depopulated on the web with fanbases and dedicated videos. There is a lot of curiosity about their relationship. To unbutton more in this case, screenwriter Sara Hess was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter. “We are currently writing the second season and trying to figure out: what is the nature of Daemon’s relationship with Rhaenyra? There are many interpretations in George RR Martin’s novel about this. Does this mean that there can be problems in paradise for the couple?

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