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House Of Fraser UK: All You Need To Know About A British Brand Of Quality



House Of Fraser

House of Fraser is a name that has been known in the UK for a long while as it’s an established brand name from the time, even before world war I broke out! House of Fraser or its subsidiary Fraser is a chain of department stores around the UK! 

If you have been thinking about questions related to the House of Fraser British brand and thought of which brand you can trust for your shopping haul, then wait no more! 

We will answer all your questions and give you details you ought to know before you decide to shop from any other store this time! 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the world of British brand name House of Fraser’s world. 

What Is House Of Fraser UK & Its Purpose? 

House of Fraser is an esteemed brand name that many in the UK feel obligated to know and shop from as it has garnered a national customer base in the UK. House of Fraser or Fraser is a series of department stores around the UK that gradually increased and now stands at a place where you can feel the quality of the products of House of Fraser as you enter their department for shopping.

The brand name was established in 1849 by two ambitious men known as the House of Fraser founders, Arthur and Fraser. The brand wasn’t officially named House of Fraser UK at this time; however, it was initially named Fraser and Sons, as it suited the custom and culture of naming brands like these in the 1800s. 

Ofcourse, seeing that the brand has existed since the 1800s, it undoubtedly escalated towards success, even surviving in the midst of world war I and the great WW2. As most of the UK economy faced the brunt of the warfighting repercussions after WW2, surprisingly, the brand of House of Fraser only boomed, which means that the brand had a quality that people have trusted for a long time.

House of Fraser, or Fraser Store UK, has a solid foundation in the retail industry since decades of British customer base and goodwill. House of Fraser’s first department store was established in Glasgow, Scotland; since then, after numerous major acquisitions of the brand, it is now spread all over the UK.

With 33 department store locations, it’s easier for their favorite customers and other UK shoppers to avoid shopping at the House of Fraser or Fraser store. With no distance issues, the brand has proved to be reachable and economically friendly. In the revolutionary year of 2021, the brand House of Fraser more commonly transferred to the title of Fraser as the holding changed, and the official website is now So, if you have been curious about how the store would be as your next shopping stop, then stop waiting and try this quality British brand now. 

What The House of Fraser UK Sells? 

As we described to you above, the House Of Fraser brand, older than even World War 1, has always been a quality brand in the British retail industry. The brand sells more than one type of product as its products span from the high British fashion of clothing of all styles, whether formal, high street or fancy. House of Fraser or Fraser Store UK also has a large variety of cosmetics and perfume scents that taste finer. Whether it be home decor or a personal shopping spree House of Fraser is the name you can trust.

With a chain of branches of House of Fraser across the UK, inevitably, you need help finding one nearest to your location for shopping. With an elegant logo design of Fraser titled over its department store, it operates under the House Of Fraser, and you can recognize it by its name without any struggle. Moreover, you can find many reviews of the quality of this brand store from its customers of all ages since it has served in the British retail industry since the fashion trends boomed in the UK.

Spanning clothing products to decor to the latest jewelry and cosmetics in the UK, you have one spot you can trust for a fine shop experience with a feel of quality as House of Fraser is a name built over time with solid quality and price. 

Does The House Of Fraser Store Only Exist In Major Cities Of The UK? 

With decades of improvement and refining its base in the UK as a top retail brand that’s both affordable and represents the true sense of fashion of the British land, House Of Fraser has made its mark all over the UK when it comes to its department stores available in cities and towns around the corners of the UK.

With 33 stores, it would be wrong to assume that the House of Fraser store is only reachable in major cities like London, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Manchester only. The store of the brand of House of Fraser called Fraser exists from Reading to Bath, Bristol, Norwich, Nottingham to Telford, Worcester and Telford, and many other cities and towns of the UK that you can find your own on their official online address called 

So, you have a reason not to delay your shopping tour to the House of Fraser as it might be right near you or only some distance away from the city you reside in. The store’s head office is now in the Uk’s heart, the city of London. 

House Of Fraser Online Shopping UK 

In the current times when there is a trend of online shopping through the web addresses of the brands, of course the brand of House of Fraser also has a huge variety of online shoppers as well. 

This means that if you love to explore the brand for any shopping purpose like for clothes whether you are a male or a female, you are set to shop on the online web address of the UK brand, House of Fraser on their official website by the same name. 

The site has a simple to use navigation design and the distinct House of Fraser brand market with categories to choose from. If you are a new shopper of the brand then it’s best that without traveling you can save your time and browse through the House of Fraser’s online web market. 

House Of Fraser Range Of Products: 

The UK brand has a range of multiple products for all ages and preferences. It’s like a multi-purpose store where you can find the best quality toys at the same time as your favorite brand of makeup products. 

The Store of Fraser also launches its fashion collections frequently, which means that the brand deals with trends of the time and suits teenagers to middle age to older populations. This proves the House of Fraser’s versatility and retail grip in the British retail sector. 

On their online site, you can also find each product categorically under the titles of Men, Women, and Kids. Also, you can find what you want to check by visiting their online website address of This way, you can always check the multi-range of products and also look for what you desire on the House of Fraser’s official website. 

With the option of online shopping and in-store available, you can always find and shop what you are looking for in the UK from the House of Fraser.

Last Word 

House of Fraser is a British brand name that exceeds both in quality and reliability in the UK. We hope the above details are enough to answer all your curious questions about the House of Fraser and all the details you need to know about this British brand.

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