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‘Host’: Horror writer has a great idea for ‘Nightmare on Elm’ reboot



“Nightmare on Elm Street” is one of the most iconic franchises of all time and could not have come from any other hands than the revolutionary Wes Craven (yes, the same creator of “Panic”. However, at the Except for the first entry and A Seventh Metalinguistic Sequel, the saga indulged in clichés and a tiring need for re-exploration that reached its peak of decline with the 2010 reboot with Jackie Earle Haley.

Jed Sheperd, writer of the horror hit ‘Host‘ (available on Netflix), has a great idea for the next story in case he gets called into the project.

Sheperd responded to a tweet that spoke of the idea that he and director Rob Savage were secretly bringing a new ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ to life for Blumhouse – and his response, though short and elusive, did add some hope to fans of the franchise.

“We really have a great idea for that …” he replied.

In an interview with Comic Book, star Robert Englund, who brought the original Freddy Krueger to life, reflected on the possible new reboot, which the actor believes inevitable.

“Their choice is to do something completely new or to reboot the franchise for a new generation. I think all franchise rights now belong to Wes Craven. And I know her kids are smart and talented. I have worked in the industry for decades so I have complete confidence in what they are going to do. I know there are some fantastic scripts that are on a shelf somewhere. And I just hope they read them all, as well as the new ones, because some of them were really interesting.

He adds: “Everything is finally redone and each one brings new interpretations and values. Sometimes better, sometimes not. But I know they are going to start the franchise. It would be silly if they didn’t, especially with all the technology available today that can help deepen nightmares.

Recently, they created an amazing concept trailer, reinventing the franchise into a Netflix series. Check-out:

Enjoy watching:

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