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HORRIBLE! We picked the 15 worst movies of 2021



Making a list of the worst of the year is always a complicated task, due to several aspects and qualifying criteria. It’s just boring to hit someone who is already knocked out or irrelevant; just as it is absurd to say that something famous and popular in taste is bad, just like a way to appear or chase clicks. What we can do then is try to unite these two points, because, in fact, we have had big productions that have solemnly failed and other smaller ones, from streaming or cinema, which have is making waves for the wrong reasons.

In our article on The Best Movies of 2021, we cited several examples of blockbusters or copyrighted films that have shone – not to mention individual lists, with dozens of different productions in themes and genres. Likewise, the thing is happening in one of the worst of the year. Obviously some of the movies mentioned there must have appealed to you, or at least entertained you, but, I assure you, there are serious issues with all of them, even the most casual ones.

This year, what has drawn particular attention are the still weak adaptations of the games. It’s clear that Hollywood producers don’t seem to have learned their lesson yet, and you can’t even say when they’ll be able to fix the problem of translating that adventurous atmosphere seen in games into movies properly. This season, again, it didn’t work because we had several bad examples. As well as the old intention of saving old franchises and hitting donkeys in the water. Anyway, let’s go to the list and don’t forget to mention your short list there, or at least say what is the worst movie of the year.

15 – The Kiss Stand 3

With a somewhat dubious ending, which delivers conclusions in the hands of the public, A Barraca do Beijo 3 is the definition of cringe cinema, it has its brief, funny moments, but it ends like too long a movie for one. film as superficial and therefore corny as that. – Rafaela Gomes

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14 – Love without measure

“Amor Sem Medida is a national comedy made for Netflix international audiences – that’s why we have an Almodovar aesthetic at the heart of Ivana; foreign characters who speak only English; the presence of the Pope to stimulate dialogue in Hispano-Italian; and scenes that accompany the interpretation and mode of execution of international romantic comedies, without any Brazilian element referring to the origin of the production. – Janda Montenegro

13 – Spiral: The Legacy of the Deadly Games

“In fact, ‘Spiral – The Legacy of Mortal Games’ promises one thing and delivers another. Taking advantage of the strong name of the franchise, it seeks, with it, to woo fans of this type of film, however, it delivers a weak crime thriller and almost nothing of horror, which generates disappointments. “- Janda Montenegro

12 – he’s awesome

“In the wave of remakes and reboots, the ’90s classic’ Ela É Demais’ (which was no longer those things) received a modernized version that reversed the gender roles and was titled ‘Ele é Demais’. . Starring Addison Rae, Tanner Buchanan, and others, the story centers on a popular young woman who accepts the challenge of turning a goofy, antisocial boy into the next prom king of her school. Aside from the fact that the production is totally irrelevant, it is grazed with a forced play and narrative that only copies the original film – which is why it was butchered by both audiences and The critics. – Thiago Nolla

11 – A prince in New York 2

Decades after the previous film joked about the fine line between love and contempt, ‘A Prince in New York 2’ reminds audiences that there is an equally similar line between what is a sequel or just the same. The movie has funny moments and an interesting lesson, but almost everything is forgettable and nothing remarkable. ”- Wilker Medeiros

10 – Awake

“For those who expected the worst, yes, Awake is bad in a lot of ways, but at least it puts the viewer to sleep quickly. It could be a good thriller, but it makes do with poorly done good intentions. The concept is original. , but the execution is terrible, full of formulas of the apocalyptic subgenre. – Wilker Medeiros

09 – Thunder Squadron

“With almost two hours of running time, the comedy lacks the ability to use its screen time wisely and often squeezes into a less dynamic and gripping storyline. Its second half tries to bring in action scenes. more electrifying and the good visual effects even manage to compensate for the lack of humor. But even so, the feature wastes its protagonists, erases Melissa Leo in such a way that we can barely understand it, and causes Jason Bateman to recall it. era of comedy, in a character who tries to be extra comedic relief, but we’re not really interested in. ”- Rafaela Gomes

08 – The war of tomorrow

“The movie has a lot of effects and a lot of action, as well as the presence of Chris Pratt. However, the feature film really needs heart, to be a little less generic. The amount of shots is enormous, and these are the ones without the slightest amusement. Everything seems too heavy, no creativity, even action plans or monsters lack an ounce of originality. Maybe Pratt will appear in Raspberry. – Wilker Medeiros

07 – Voices and numbers

“Unfortunately, not even with all the expertise of the directors, they are able to craft a cohesive feature film. So we end up with a mix between a serious and sober theme, and another more fantastic which never manages to dialogue between them. Apart from that, the 120 minutes of projection take too long to lengthen the experience unnecessarily, while for the final result half an hour less would do the trick. To put the nail in the coffin, if you’re one of those bothered by anti-climate ends, wait and see what the end of those Voices and Numbers looks like, and prepare to howl. -Pablo Bazarello

06 – Combat zone

Even praised for the incredible amount of action footage, ‘Combat Zone’ is a forgettable streaming platform title that had a solid promotional plan for absolutely no purpose. Even sci-fi themes are nothing more. than obvious, betting on imperfect and stereotypical concepts. – Thiago Nolla

05 – The woman at the window

“Woman in the Window would be a good thriller if it just wanted to build a strong, bold story, not wanting to apologize or hurt its audience all the time. And although it is a thriller, it is a film with little success. I don’t know what to focus on and regularly underestimate the viewer. Huge weight loss. “- Wilker Medeiros

04 – Mortal Kombat

“The frustration of another weak movie game adaptation combined with the disappointment of a movie that promised to be so cool for Mortal Kombat are perfect for a Game Over at the end. But knowing Hollywood, in no time. , someone will put another chip before the end of Continue. Hopefully a better player will take the joystick this time. “- Alexandre Almeida

03 – Monster hunter

“By the way, the credits best define this Monster Hunter. Game adaptations killer Paul WS Anderson returns with his wife Mila to the gaming world now in a more relaxed way, but totally focused on the action that doesn’t excite. You can’t even tell it’s an average movie, because even with a few inspired scenes here and there, nothing is truly memorable about the movie. In other words, it may not appeal to the ordinary viewer, let alone fans of the game franchise. – Wilker Medeiros

02 – Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

And speaking of Paul WS Anderson, everyone wanted to see what it would be like if Resident Evil got out of their hands and ended up in the hands of a fan of the games, which brought a sense of horror and a similar story to the original work. Yes, he did all of that, but Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City managed to be even worse than the Anderson films. With costumes that looked more like Fifth Order cosplays, fans have already activated the warning signal of the trailer. Just before the premiere, some press booths were canceled, the actors deleted their social media accounts and things got worse when the few people who went to the movies watched the movie. Simply a catastrophe, an affront. – Wilker Medeiros

01 – Red Alert

“No, Red Alert is not the worst film of the year, it is far from being the case, but it is undoubtedly one of the biggest embarrassments of 2021. It was spent $ 250 million mostly on actors and locations, however, not only does the chemistry between stars Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds not exist, as the vast majority of scenes are man-made until one say enough, as if it was done on a Context green. The Rock and Gadot have been the most chemically free couple in world cinema lately. Only Reynolds can make you laugh with great effort and jokes out of context. Either way, the thing is lanky and charmless, but it worked and became the most watched movie in Netflix history. – Wilker Medeiros

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