Historical judgment in the LEGENDED trailer for the drama “The Right to Live”; To look at!



The drama ‘The Right to Live’ won a captioned trailer.

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Cathy Allyn and Nick Loeb are responsible for the production.

After a conservative and racist speech on the legalization of abortion at a Ku Klux Klan convention, a doctor who has gained notoriety precisely for having openly practiced the procedure and a feminist leader join the cause and decide to continue the US government. But for the process to work, they need a pregnant woman who is willing to be a victim of the system. A group of activists travel across the United States and find the perfect person for the action: a poor young woman who has barely finished elementary school, full of problems. They name the daughter Jane Roe and go after Henry Wade, a Dallas County District Attorney. Right now, one of the greatest battles, both legal and public opinion, of all time has arisen!

The cast includes Jon Voight, Nick Loeb, Stacey Dash, Jamie Kennedy, Joey Lawrence, Corbin Bernsen, Greer Grammer and John Schneider.

In Brazil, the feature film will be released on VOD by A2 Filmes.

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